The Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Connecticut for 2024

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 10, 2024

In the bustling world of Connecticut real estate, finding the right agent is crucial to navigating the market’s unique challenges. Whether buying your first home, seeking a luxurious waterfront property, or selling your family estate, the expertise of top real estate agents in Connecticut can make all the difference. This guide to the top 10 real estate agents in Connecticut provides an insider’s look at the professionals who excel in pairing perfect homes with their new owners.

Connecticut’s diverse real estate landscape demands specialized knowledge and skills. From the historic charm of New England homes in Greenwich to the contemporary condos in downtown Stamford, these top agents demonstrate exceptional understanding and prowess in their respective markets. Our comprehensive list highlights those who lead in sales and earn high marks for customer satisfaction and innovation in marketing Connecticut properties.

Choosing among the top real estate agents in Connecticut is a pivotal decision for prospective buyers and sellers. The agents featured in our top 10 list have established track records of successful transactions and consistent client trust. With insights on each agent’s area of expertise, recent achievements, and community engagement, this guide is invaluable for anyone looking to make an informed real estate decision in Connecticut.


1. Kirstin Olszewski

Kirstin Olszewski

Kirstin Olszewski, a distinguished Realtor at The Heidi Lester Team at Keller Williams Legacy Partners in Connecticut, embodies a blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication that sets her apart in the competitive real estate market. 

Born in Rockland County, NY, and a Connecticut resident since 2006, Kirstin offers clients outstanding attention to detail and negotiation skills. Her business acumen and passion for real estate design and décor drive her success in helping clients achieve homeownership.

Kirstin’s unique approach to real estate is deeply personal; she prioritizes understanding her clients’ stories and needs, focusing on those who benefit most from her guidance. This empathetic methodology, combined with her service-led philosophy—evident in her volunteer work as an EMT and specialization in assisting public servants—forges lasting relationships, often turning clients into friends.

With a track record of success, Kirstin achieved Double Gold Team Production in 2024 with the Heidi Lester Team and was named Most Improved Agent in 2021 by her former broker. Her professional growth and impact are immeasurable, and her career is not just a means of support but a fulfilling mission to make a difference in people’s lives, marking her as a true leader in real estate.


2. Agota Perry-Hill

Agota Perry-Hill

Agota Perry-Hill, a distinguished Sales Associate at William Raveis Real Estate in Connecticut, brings a unique blend of international flair and local expertise to the luxury real estate market.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Agota’s early exposure to architecture through her father and the world of customer service from her mother laid the foundation for her real estate passion. A polyglot with a bachelor’s degree in English and French and a minor in Spanish, Agota’s worldly perspective enhances her ability to connect with a diverse clientele. Her frequent relocations have endowed her with a profound empathy for the challenges buyers and sellers face.

Agota stands out for her unwavering commitment to securing the best deals for her clients, underpinned by her business philosophy of fairness, excellence in customer service, and professional care. Her accolades include Top Producer for Volume and Units in February 2024 and membership in the prestigious Chairman’s Elite Club and Chairman’s Club in consecutive years, showcasing her exceptional sales achievements.

Celebrating William Raveis’ 50th anniversary in luxury real estate and its nomination as a Top Brokerage by Inman in 2023, Agota continues to disrupt the industry by prioritizing client interests and maintaining high professional standards.


3. Gene Pica

Gene Pica

With a remarkable record of over 2,000 homes sold, Gene‘s commitment to his clients’ real estate goals is first-rate. He has earned prestigious accolades, including membership in the RE/MAX Chairman’s Club, induction into the Hall of Fame, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. In February 2023, his expertise earned him Real Estate Market Leader status, according to Forbes Magazine.

Being in the real estate industry for 30 years, Gene has built an unbelievable reputation in the real estate industry among his clients and also his fellow peers. Receiving positive reviews and testimonials from his satisfied clients has been a powerful marketing tool, showcasing his professionalism, reliability, and integrity to potential clients. Gene has built a strong network with all other types of services that becomes a huge benefit for his clients. When it comes to working with his fellow colleagues in the industry, Gene has one of the highest reputations for getting the job done among his peers. 

Gene’s clients receive the outstanding customer service possible, going above and beyond his client’s expectations. He’s always responsive and attentive, making sure to provide personalized attention during the transaction. Once the sale has closed, he’s always available for his clients. By following this philosophy, his clients become his advocates to their friends, family and anyone they know that are looking to buy a home.

Gene’s personalized service is the foundation of his success, ensuring exceptional representation for buyers and sellers alike. His deep knowledge of the unique character of the communities and strategic marketing skills make him a trusted advisor. Gene has consistently received the Connecticut Five Star Award for outstanding customer service, a testament to his dedication to his clients, whom he often serves across generations.

Wholeheartedly devoted to client service, Gene Pica can never envision retiring and letting go of his lifelong passion. His enduring advocacy and the trust he builds with clients exemplify what makes him a true leader in the real estate industry.


4. Brooke Podewils

Brooke Podewils

Brooke Podewils shines as a distinguished Realtor at Compass CT LLC, epitomizing real estate excellence in Greenwich, Connecticut. With 22 years of experience, her career represents a deep-seated passion for residential real estate fostered by a generational dedication to the industry.

Beginning in the transferrable field of Corporate Communications, Brooke found her true calling in residential real estate in 2001. However, the strategic marketing, sales, and communication skills she honed in the commercial sector were vital for her property career.

Focusing on client-centricity, trust, knowledge, and negotiation prowess, Brooke distinguishes herself through her honesty, strong communication skills, and tireless work ethic. The resulting reputation for trustworthiness and comprehensive market insight ensures she garners consistent referrals. 

Brooke expertly guides her clients through every stage of the buying or selling process, offering meticulous preparation for sellers and insightful analysis for buyers. Her network within the real estate industry, spanning agents, lenders, inspectors, and contractors, provides her clients access to essential resources for successful transactions.

Whether buying or selling, clients can trust Brooke Podewils to deliver results and an experience marked by professionalism, integrity, and a genuine commitment to their success.


5. Amanda Boehm

Amanda Boehm

Amanda Boehm, a Senior Team Agent at RE/MAX on the Bay and the co-host of the ‘Real Estate Mom Moguls’ podcast, is a paragon of expertise and dedication. With a rich background as a lifelong southeastern Connecticut resident, she brings an authentic grasp of the intricacies of relocation and the local real estate landscape.

Amanda’s approach to real estate is not just about transactions; it’s about crafting lasting relationships. Her commitment to her clients goes beyond the norm, offering personalized care that transforms the stressful process of buying and selling homes into a seamless experience. 

A certified Military Relocation Professional with $10m in sales, Amanda’s strategies are tailored to meet individual needs and backed by up-to-date market insights, ensuring she maximizes her clients’ investments. She has received accolades for her standout performance, including the RE/MAX 100% Club and the Five Star Agent Award.

What truly sets Amanda apart is her role as a fiduciary. She prioritizes her clients’ best interests, employing personalized strategies to showcase properties in the best light and attract qualified buyers. Her podcast, ‘Real Estate Mom Moguls,’ is her crowning achievement, celebrating mothers in real estate while sharing valuable insight.


6. Lexie Brunet

Lexie Brunet

Lexie Brunet, a passionate Realtor at Brunet and Company Real Estate in Connecticut, is renowned for her unmatched dedication and attentive approach. Her client-first philosophy shines through her personalized services, ensuring she is by her client’s side throughout their home-buying or selling journey.

Treating clients as family, Lexie believes that understanding what ‘home’ means to each person, whether it’s an investment or a long-term residence, is crucial in transforming their lives for the better. This unique approach has made her a cornerstone of her community, contributing to local events and supporting clients well beyond the closing table.

Currently a 2024 ECAR Rising Star of the Year and Young Professional of the Year nominee, Lexie’s career is marked by enthusiasm and potential. She leverages social media to connect with a wider audience, bringing a fresh, youthful vigor to the real estate scene. Her innovative use of digital platforms keeps her in the public eye, enhancing her ability to make more dreams come true.

With her mantra, ‘Lexie Leads You Home,’ Lexie Brunet continues to guide her clients through their real estate decisions, promising a supportive, transparent, and dedicated life-long partnership.


7. LJ Wilks,,

LJ Wilks is not just another Real Estate Salesperson; she is a Fairfield County, Connecticut gem with a vibrant background & personality that sets her apart. 

Over 20 years of residency in Manhattan, New York, preceded LJ’s return to her hometown of Fairfield County, giving her a unique blend of local insight and big-city savvy within William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty. Her diverse career background, spanning Major League Baseball, fashion, executive search, and performing stand-up comedy, has honed her ability to navigate real estate transactions’ complex emotions and challenges with ease and wit.

LJ makes each transaction a tailored and memorable experience for her clients. For buyers, she understands first-hand the emotions and needs of a relocating client and is committed to providing a smooth/seamless transition to Fairfield County, Connecticut. For Sellers, she guides each to maximize their home’s market potential through analysis, counseling, and targeting their property to her solid connections, all backed by the Sotheby’s brand.  

LJ’s distinctive personality and professional excellence enrich each deal. The most recent results speak for themselves—in 2023 and 2021, she achieved GOLD Award Sales Status, securing SILVER in 2022.

Her unique demeanor, New York mindset, and brass-tacks hard work ethic are further enhanced by her passion for Fairfield County’s history and culture.  

LJ’s not just selling properties; she’s inviting clients into this special community she passionately serves.


8. Judi Lake

Judi Lake

Judi Lake, a Realtor and Founding Partner of LV Homes at The Riverside Realty Group in Connecticut, is a paragon of real estate excellence. 

With an illustrious background from Wall Street to community philanthropy, Judi harnesses her comprehensive experience to offer first-rate service in the real estate sector. Her previous roles as a trading desk economist and financial systems consultant equipped her with exceptional analytical and technological proficiencies, enabling her to navigate the complexities of today’s real estate market adeptly.

Renowned for her integrity, exceptional communication skills, and respect for clients and peers, Judi’s innovation and effectiveness define her approach to real estate. Her deep roots in the Connecticut community and understanding of the area’s unique lifestyle and financial landscape make her an invaluable asset to those navigating the coastal Connecticut real estate market.

Beyond her professional acumen, the LV Homes Founding Partner’s continuous learning and community service solidify her reputation as a trusted advisor. A consistent top performer at The Riverside Realty Group, Judi’s achievements, including a decade-long streak as a top producer, amplify her credibility in the field, cementing her status as a leading real estate expert in Westport and beyond.


9. Amy Rio

Amy Rio

Amy Rio, the Broker-Owner of Executive Real Estate in Connecticut, epitomizes exceptional real estate expertise. Starting her career at just 18, Amy quickly demonstrated her dedication and ambition by winning a contest to complete ten transactions monthly, an early achievement that set the tone for her career.

Her remarkable trajectory from a fresh high school graduate at Century 21 to a top producer was fueled by goal-setting and customer service. By her early 20s, Amy was driving a luxury car and had made it to Century 21’s list of the Top 10 Producers in Connecticut. Her success soon necessitated the creation of a team to handle buyer calls while she focused on personal referrals.

Amy founded Executive Real Estate to respond to the needs of her flourishing team. Under her leadership, the firm has become one of the most prominent independent real estate offices in the local realtor market. Today, Executive Real Estate boasts over 200 agents, holds licenses in five states, and operates eight offices. Amy’s focus on client relationships and unwavering standard of customer service continues to drive her business’s expansion, making her a distinguished leader in the real estate industry.


10. Andy Sachs

Andy Sachs

Andy Sachs, the Managing Broker and driving force behind Around Town Real Estate in Connecticut, stands out for his innovative approach to real estate. With nearly two decades of experience, Andy has consistently been a top-performing agent nationwide, as evidenced by his induction into the Presidents Club Elite in 2013. His accolades include multiple years as a Top Agent and recognition in Real Estate Magazine’s 50 Agents on the Rise.

Under Andy’s leadership, Around Town Real Estate aspires to change how consumers experience real estate transactions. The brokerage emphasizes honest and timely service, supported by marketing and data-driven client guidance. This approach aims to provide transparency and calm during what can often be a tumultuous process.

Andy and his team are notable for their ethical practices and personal touch in all dealings. They ensure clients are well informed, while their innovative, active marketing strategies and deep understanding of local market dynamics allow them to meet diverse consumer needs effectively.

For those looking to navigate the complex Connecticut real estate market, Andy Sachs and Around Town Real Estate offer experience, innovation, and client-centricity.

The top real estate agents in Connecticut for 2024 are key players in navigating the state’s diverse and bustling real estate market. This guide offers an in-depth look at these professionals who excel in finding the perfect homes for their clients. From historic New England homes to modern condos, these agents showcase exceptional market knowledge and expertise. The top 10 agents featured in this guide have earned their spots through successful transactions and consistent client trust. This guide, rich with insights on each agent’s specialties, achievements, and community involvement, is a vital resource for anyone planning to make a real estate decision in Connecticut. Embark on your real estate journey in the Constitution State with these top 10 agents.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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