The Surprise Show Is a Unique, Diverse Take on Comedy

Published on October 31, 2019

There are so many comedy shows in NYC you could probably go to a different show every night for the next 10 years. But not all comedy shows are built the same and not every comedian is funny. But if you’re looking for something with a unique edge and a fresh take on diversity, The Suprise Show is what you want. 

The Surprise Show

The Suprise Show is about more than just comedy. Although, that is the event’s focus. It’s more of a personal entertainment experience. Comedians, singers, magicians, and more are all welcome to perform. There’s even a live sketch artist who draws the performers and the audience. Because each performer is hand-picked by the event’s founders, none of the shows are the same. Every performance is different than the last. 

This independent production is held once a month at popular venues in NYC: The Cutting Room and Hotel Chantelle. These venues are known for having top performers with the kind of nightlife that invites excitement with drinks and food for sale during the show. 

Information about November’s Surprise Show isn’t available yet. But it’s Facebook page is always updated with event details. Although, you want to get tickets sooner than later. The Surprise Show says its shows always sell out online. October’s event had a standby list that operated on a first-come, first-serve basis. But that wasn’t a guarantee that everyone on that list was able to see the show. 

How it all started

Of course, a comedy show like this is put together by comedians. Sachin Shaan and Anish K. Mitra co-created The Surprise Show to promote “diversity, access and excellence” to comedy according to the show’s Instagram. Time Out even called it ”one of the most diverse regular shows in the city, highlighting performers from all different backgrounds.”

In an interview with Brown Girl Magazine earlier this year, Mitra said that he and Shaan initially had careers in the corporate world. They began their comedy careers as a way to tell their stories as South Asian men. Mitra said he started performing comedy in 2015 and that Shaan started a year or two before he did. 

The duo started The Surprise Show because they say how difficult it was for new comedians to get time on stage. “We created our own show and envisioned a high quality product, like you know, a Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer,” Mitra said to Brown Girl Magazine. “Even if the goal is simple, like ‘dry my hair’ or ‘make people laugh,’ we wanted to deliver an experience that was near Broadway quality. Hence, ‘The Surprise Show’ was born.”


At The Surprise Show, the celebrity guests are called “Drop-Ins” and there’s one for each performance. Previous Drop-Ins include comedy show host Hasan Minhaj and stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan.

At October’s Surprise Show, titled “Loloween,” comedian Nikki Glaser took the stage. She’s done everything from radio, TV, and podcasts. She’s a host on her TV series Not Safe with Nikki Glaser that premiered on Comedy Central and she hosts Nikki and Sara Live alongside fellow comedian Sara Schaefer. Both of these shows show off her raw and raunchy takes on

But Glaser’s credentials don’t stop there. Her Netflix special Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ is a “blistering stand-up special about sex, sobriety and getting over her own insecurities. And she won’t spare you the details,” according to the Netflix description. 

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