The Rolling Stones Have a New Single and Album Coming Out

Published on April 23, 2020

The Rolling Stones haven’t put out an original album since 2005’s “A Bigger Bang,” a slightly overlooked Stones album with a real gem called “Streets of Love.” A couple of years ago, they released “Blue & Lonesome,” an excellent collection of cover songs. They paid respect to the blues songs hugely influential to them. It’s great. Now, we’re happy to report, they have a new original album in the works.

A New Single

The band has released their first single in a while called “Living in a Ghost Town,” which is nearly a year old. Frontman and songwriter Mick Jagger believes the song “would resonate through the times that we’re living in right now.” The title certainly fits. Here’s the video the band released for the track:

Mick’s Voice Still Slays 

This song is scarily relevant given the current pandemic. As for the quality of the song, it’s pretty damn good. First and foremost, it’s a reminder of how well Jagger has taken care of his voice throughout his career. His voice has aged beautifully. It’s stronger and wiser and hardened, which is why that blues cover album ranks among their best, but still has that youthful, undying rock ‘n roll quality to it. “Living in a Ghost Town” wouldn’t have sounded very out of place 30 or 40 years ago in their body of work. It’s a cool, atmospheric Stones tune and it’s great to hear from the best rock band in the world during this time. 

Words from the Band

Lately, it’s been increasingly rare to hear good news. Now, this maybe isn’t the biggest piece of good news we want or need to hear nowadays, but — a new Rolling Stones album on the way is pleasing news. Every member of the band released a statement as well. Both Mick and Keith Richards confirmed the song is from a new album they’ve been working on for the last year. Here’s what the band had to say:

A message from Mick: 

the Stones were in the studio recording some new material before the lockdown and there was one song we thought would resonate through the times that we’re living in right now. We’ve worked on it in isolation. And here it is – It’s called ‘Living in Ghost Town’ – I hope you like it.”

A message from the all-powerful Keef:

“So, let’s cut a long story short. We cut this track well over a year ago in L.A. for part of a new album, an ongoing thing, and then shit hit the fan Mick and I decided this one really needed to go to work right now and so here you have it , ‘Living in a Ghost Town’. Stay safe!”

Drummer Charlie Watts, as always, keeps things short and sweet: 

“I enjoyed working on this track. I think it captures a mood and I hope people who listen to it will agree.”

Lastly, a word from guitarist Ronnie Wood:

“Thanks so much for all your messages these past few weeks, it means so much to us that you enjoy the music. So we have a brand new track for you, we hope you enjoy it. It has a haunting melody, it’s called ‘Living in A Ghost Town’.”

The Stones’ No Filter Tour 

The band was going to hit the road this summer and continue on with the “No Filter” tour, which again, is another gigantic success for the Stones. Their tours are more like the Super Bowl these days and just absolute, can’t-miss, very expensive events. The band was going to kick off their new tour dates in San Diego next month, but due to the coronavirus, they’ve delayed their tour. Maybe during self-quarantine, though, they can continue working on their new album and release it sooner than later. We can’t wait to hear it.

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