What Would ‘The Raid 3’ Look Like?

Published on April 24, 2020

The Raid movies are about as pure as cinema gets. Directed by Gareth Evans, the action epics are pure adrenaline on celluloid. The fights are nonstop and cutthroat, the scale of the choreography and set pieces is awe-inspiring, and the entire experience leaves you on a high. They are the action movies action movie fans deserve. It’s been six years since The Raid 2, but fans shouldn’t ever expect to see The Raid 3

Some Background on Evans 

Evans has gone on to work on a variety of projects since his days in The Raid universe. Most notably, he directed the Netflix horror movie The Apostle. It was exciting to see Evans bring his talents to a horror movie. After he mastered the action in The Raid movies, fans of the filmmaker can’t help but want to see him return to that bone-crushing universe. 

The Raid 3 Story 

We’ll get to why another sequel is doubtful soon. In the meantime, Evans brokedown his vision for a third movie to Empire:

The story was going to go back in time to the moment in The Raid 2 when the Goto Gang, the Japanese gang, are having a meeting, and Goto tells his right-hand man to take care of it, wipe out every corrupt cop and politician that they have on the books and start fresh. The Raid 3 would begin with Rama coming out of that building after having killed everybody and saying ‘No, I’m done’. He walks away to [police officer] Bunawar, who’ll be waiting for him in his car, he gets in and drives away. And you stay with the Japanese gang, who are like, ‘What the fuck do we do now? Everyone’s dead, we’ve got no-one to kill.’ They get into their car, and as they’re driving along all of a sudden this other car rocks up alongside them and just blitzes them, and the cars crash. Goto, his son, and his right-hand man are the only remaining survivors from that attack, and it cuts to credits and says ‘The Raid 3’.

We’re sold. 

Why It Didn’t or Won’t Happen

To put it simply, Evans moved on. After The Raid 2 he spent 18 months on a movie that didn’t happen. Then he made The Apostle. During all those years, Evans’ creative interests went elsewhere. He’s just not interested anymore in making another Raid movie, as he explained: 

“I definitely think it would have pissed off an awful lot of people,” Evans laughs, “so maybe now they know what I had planned, people will be like, ‘You know what, don’t worry about The Raid 3, we’re good!’ Before I knew it, I was five years down the line, I’d made Apostle, we were starting to get production going on Gangs Of London…. I couldn’t see myself going back out to make The Raid 3. My interests had moved on to other projects. You work with other people, you meet other people and want to work with them again, you want to try different things, you find a story that suddenly captures your attention and that’s the thing you want to do next.

We’ll Always Have The Raid Movies

It is a tad disappointing Evans doesn’t want to direct another sequel. Surely, he’ll direct more action movies, but The Raid really raised the bar in terms of modern action.He wouldn’t ever have to top what he’s done before. Years after making those films and with a whole lot more experience behind the camera, it’d be exciting to see how’d direct a Raid movie today post-2020. But if Evans doesn’t want to make it, we don’t want to see it. On the brightside, we’ll always have The Raid movies to keep returning to watch. They are hypnotic, purely visual and visceral action feasts. 

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