The OCLU 4K Camera Takes Live Recording and Photography to the Next Level

Published on June 11, 2020
Source: OCLU

Father’s Day is fast approaching. Instead of buying Dad another tie why not buy him limitless adventure instead? That’s where OCLU comes in. The Arizona based company has a revolutionary 4K camera available for purchase. Not only that, customers can save $60 dollars off of purchases on the OCLU website of $200 dollars or more with the code “TAKE60.”

4K Quality Features

What sets the OCLU camera apart from just another GoPro is the amount of attention to detail the creators put into the camera’s creation. For example, the OCLU camera has a great feature called LiveCut where users can edit their video footage on the spot. This eliminates the hassle of having to sort through hours of footage later in order to delete extraneous clips.

Not only that, but their 4K camera is aerodynamic, has image stabilization (perfect for adventurous types), and has custom shooting modes. As the company states on their website, their mission was to create gear that complements a customer’s lifestyle, not complicate it. Because of the OCLU founding team’s dedication and effort, the company won four industry awards before OCLU even was on the market.

Source: OCLU

The country may be slowly starting to reopen, but the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing. Supporting a great business like OCLU not only saves the stress of having to intermingle with other Father’s Day shoppers (you know that last minute rush whenever a holiday rolls around) but it also enables the user to get a great quality product that’s sure to last a lifetime. This camera is the perfect present for the adventurer in all of us, especially that person who appreciates the beauty of nature and likes to capture it on camera.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day or for another adventurer in your life, the OCLU 4K camera is worth the money. The user friendly, high quality camera is certain to get great pictures and video for social media or just to keep memories on file for the future. Don’t miss out on the OCLU 4K camera today. And don’t forget to use the promo code TAKE60 off your purchase of $200 dollars or more at checkout!

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