Beginning in 2020, Xbox Gamers Can “Power Up” With the New Xbox Series X

Published on December 16, 2019

Earlier this week, the Xbox community was given an early gift with the company announcing its “fastest, most powerful console ever” which claims will “set a new bar for performance, speed, and compatibility, allowing the gamer to bring their gaming legacy, thousands of games from three generations and more forward with them — meet the Xbox Series X.

Previously called “Project Scarlett”, the new console, now dubbed Xbox Series X, was premiered on December 12 with a dynamic and artistic trailer showcasing the new Hellblade 2 from Ninja Theory with the slogan “Power Your Dreams.” Unfortunately, the console won’t be available until the 2020 holiday season.

For eighteen years and three console generations, the Xbox community has shown us the power both games and fun can have on all of us,” Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox stated in the company’s recent announcement. “As we enter a new generation of gaming, we see a future where you’re instantly absorbed in your games – where worlds are even more lifelike, immersive, responsive and surprising – and where you are at the center of your gaming experience. With the new Xbox Series X, we will realize that vision. “

But How Fast?

The new Xbox has eight times the GPU power of the Xbox One and two times the power of the Xbox One X, according to Spencer’s interview with GameSpot.

Backwards Compatibility X 3

Another important feature of the new console is its backward compatibility. All game titles will transfer to the new console and Xbox One controllers will work with the Series X and vice-versa. The Series X controller will also allow users to take screenshots of game-play with a new share button. Take that Twitch.

From a technical standpoint, Spencer added that the console will “manifest as world-class visuals in 4K at 60FPS, with possibility of up to 120FPS, including support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and 8K capability (which we should learn more about its capabilities at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January).

Excitingly enough, the new Xbox Series X will be released alongside the new Halo Infinite game in time for next year’s holiday season. This will be the first new console Microsoft has released since the Xbox One X in 2017. 

The Response 

The new Xbox has a different design from previous models, standing upright and rectangular instead of the flat box design of past Xbox models. It’s quite an imposing look, and almost immediately, fans began poking fun at the new design, comparing it to refrigerators, apartment buildings and more. It’s not going to fit under anyone’s TV, posing a significant problem to the casual gaming set.

While jokes were made about the design, many fans were still excited about the prospect of a vastly more powerful console hitting the shelves in 2020. Size does not necessarily equal a better performing machine, but the resemblance to a full-blown gaming PC seems promising.

However, the price has not yet been revealed, which will likely be a significant factor for most customers in the decision whether or not to purchase a Series X next year.

Another factor that may affect the success of the Series X is Playstation 5 also expected holiday 2020, although very few details have been released on that project. 

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