The New Era of Property Management and Its Emerging Trends

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Published on September 2, 2023

The world of property management has undergone significant transformations over the years. Traditional models, often characterized by face-to-face interactions and paperwork, are gradually giving way to more streamlined, technology-driven methods. This evolution, witnessed in enterprises like Royal York Property Management (RYPM) under the leadership of Nathan Levinson, reflects broader trends in the industry. Let’s delve into how property management has evolved and what we can learn from the innovative approaches of industry leaders.

Nathan Levinson, Founder of Royal York Property Management
Nathan Levinson, Founder of Royal York Property Management

From Personal to Digital: A Revolution in Tenant Management

In traditional property management, landlords often had direct relationships with tenants. The process involved extensive legwork, from showing properties to potential renters to conducting background checks manually.

Fast forward to the modern era, and companies like RYPM have integrated advanced technology to streamline these processes. Automation and online platforms allow for quick tenant screenings, virtual tour capabilities, and even remote lease signings. This digital shift not only saves time but also widens the net for potential tenants.

Guaranteed Returns: A Promise of the Modern Age

Historically, property owners had to bear the risks of fluctuating rental income due to vacancies or defaulting tenants. Levinson’s innovative approach at RYPM, offering guaranteed rental income, signifies a contemporary strategy to address this age-old challenge. Such models reflect the industry’s shift towards more secure and reliable income streams for property owners.

In-house Departments: Centralization for Efficiency

A significant shift in modern property management is the move towards centralizing operations. Traditional models often outsourced services like maintenance and legal consultations. Under Levinson’s guidance, RYPM brought all departments in-house. This not only ensures a seamless tenant placement process but also reinforces the company’s standing as an integrated property management firm.

Beyond Borders: Expanding Horizons

Modern property management is no longer confined by geography. RYPM’s expansion into the European market, under Levinson’s vision, showcases the global ambitions of contemporary firms. This global reach allows companies to cater to clients round-the-clock, reflecting the modern world’s interconnectedness.

Community at the Core

While technology and globalization mark the modern era, there remains an emphasis on community and personal touch. Nathan Levinson, for instance, balances his professional pursuits with community service. This blend of the digital and the personal characterizes the modern ethos of property management.

The Blend of Tech and Touch

The evolution from traditional to modern property management is evident in the strides companies like RYPM have taken. Nathan Levinson’s journey offers valuable insights into leveraging technology, ensuring reliability, and retaining a personal touch in this ever-evolving landscape.

About Royal York Property Management

Royal York Property Management (RYPM), founded by Nathan Levinson, is a Toronto-based property management firm that specializes in rental and leasing services. The company manages a portfolio of over 13,000 properties and is valued at $7.8 billion in real estate assets under management. Royal York has expanded its operations across Ontario, servicing over 40 areas, and has an international presence with 11 offices in Europe.

The firm is known for its comprehensive approach to property management, which includes a meticulous tenant screening process, tailored rental agreements, and efficient systems for prompt rent collection. One of the notable features of RYPM is its all-day, every-day operating model; all departments function 24/7, 365 days a year, emphasizing their commitment to client service. The company also leverages technology in its processes and systems to enhance operational efficiency and client experience.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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