The Intersection of Business and Leisure at Zeebu’s Dubai Event

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Published on April 20, 2024

As the Web3 and cryptocurrency sectors continue to evolve, Zeebu, a notable entity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape, is gearing up to host an intriguing event alongside the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai. Dubbed “Zeebu by the Beach,” this event is scheduled to take place at the lavish Atlantis The Royal on the evening of April 18th. It aims to provide a blend of networking and leisure against the backdrop of one of Dubai’s most opulent settings. Bridging Professional Insights and Relaxed Networking, the event promises to extend the professional dialogue of TOKEN2049 into a more relaxed, yet engaging environment.

This approach reflects a broader trend in the industry where the boundaries between formal business exchanges and casual networking are increasingly blurred. “Zeebu by the Beach” seeks to capitalize on this by offering an atmosphere that encourages informal yet fruitful discussions among attendees. The evening will also feature a performance by DJ Bliss, a prominent name from the hit show ‘Dubai Bling,’ adding a vibrant musical dimension to the event.

Photo credit: Zeebu, with permission.
Photo credit: Zeebu, with permission.

Panelists at the Forefront of DeFi

Central to the event are Zeebu’s founders, Raj Brahmbhatt and Keshav Pandya, whose backgrounds and insights are anticipated to enrich the discussions. Brahmbhatt, who carries a rich portfolio in securities, technology investments, and blockchain, and Pandya, with his deep experience in business development and digital transformation, are set to be key contributors.

Photo credit: Zeebu, with permission.
Photo credit: Zeebu, with permission.

Additionally, Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, another notable figure slated to attend, brings a unique blend of marketing acumen and global business strategy to the table. Dr. Hunasgi’s extensive experience, which includes advising global leaders and contributing to significant digital transformation initiatives, positions him as a pivotal voice in discussions on the future of branding and marketing in the digital age.

A Platform for Strategic Conversations

The choice of venue and the structure of the event are deliberately designed to facilitate high-level discussions that could potentially shape the future trajectory of Web3 and DeFi. The inclusion of a renowned DJ and a luxury beachfront setting are not just for entertainment; they serve as a magnet to draw a diverse group of industry leaders and innovators who are looking to unwind yet engage in meaningful conversations.

A Convergence of Minds and Markets

As TOKEN2049 brings together a global audience to Dubai, “Zeebu by the Beach” is set to offer a complementary experience that merges professional rigor with the allure of Dubai’s nightlife. The event underscores the ongoing evolution of industry conferences as platforms not just for learning and exchange but also for building deeper, more personal connections that could lead to lasting business relationships and strategic collaborations. This trend reflects the dynamic nature of the DeFi sector itself—ever-evolving, highly interconnected, and increasingly influential in the broader tech landscape.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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