When you think about dating in 2019, the last thing on your mind — most likely — is science.

But research shows clearly that your chances of meeting “the one” are much higher if you apply the findings of various psychology experts and researchers.

In a nutshell, if you want to succeed at dating today, you are better off doing it in person, rather than just online.

Studies have proved that groups who meet face to face versus those who have online connections only establish trust more efficiently and effectively.

Which is why dating app The Inner Circle is designed to get people offline as quickly as possible, bucking the trend started by those apps that give you the chance to swipe right on your crush and start a text chat.

The Inner Circle has all the features you’d expect from a modern dating app, but it is designed with one extra, game-changing feature that gets you off your phone and into the real world as soon as possible.

How does it work?

When you open The Inner Circle, you’ll see a veritable smorgasbord of high-quality singles.

There’s a level of trust you don’t get on other apps because everyone featured has been verified by a real human being before being approved. You are shown people that are a good match for you straight away, meaning you save time (and calluses on your thumb) since you don’t have to sit for hours swiping one way or the other.

But it is the inherent design of The Inner Circle that helps you to get offline, fast, which vastly improves your chances of finding someone you vibe with.

For example, the app shows you the favorite bars, clubs, and coffee shops of your new potential beau, making it easy to suggest the perfect venue for your first meeting.

But that’s not the only IRL trick up its fashionable sleeve.

The Inner Circle also hosts member-exclusive events and meetups at cool locations in cities all over the world. What better than mingling with dozens of singles in a fantastic venue?

Gone are the chances of being ghosted: those that stay silent or, at best, don’t turn up to the date you’ve carefully crafted after a little text action.

Add to that the impossibility of catfish and fake accounts, multiple filters, and preferences, (such as letting people know you’re a “night owl” or “bookworm”) and your chances of finding your next partner just went up 100 percent.

The Inner Circle is free to use, and you can register via its website.