The Human Connection in the Digital Age of Event Ticketing

By Naomi Peng Naomi Peng has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 10, 2023

Concerts and live events are about much more than just watching a performance; they are immersive experiences that offer a unique blend of sensory stimulation, emotional connection, and communal celebration. Yet for some, this isn’t enough. In an increasingly digitized world where personal interactions are becoming scarce, the allure of an even more exclusive, intimate experience beckons. Enter the VIP experience—often offering preferred seating, exclusive merchandise, lodging, transportation and sometimes even a meet-and-greet with the star attraction.

The Industry Landscape

In recent years, online ticketing websites have reshaped how consumers access tickets to concerts, sporting events, and other live entertainment. While these platforms have brought a level of convenience, they also pose many problems. For concerts like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo you must first enter a lottery to even receive the chance to purchase tickets. If you are lucky enough to get access to buy a ticket, you certainly aren’t able to buy a VIP experience uniquely tailored for you.

Mike Zandman, President of Entertainment Access, with permission
Mike Zandman, President of Entertainment Access, with permission

The Problem

Online ticketing giants may offer convenience, but they often lack the personalized service and reliability that many are looking for when spending large sums on a premium experience. Mike Zandman, president of Entertainment Access, which provides VIP access and hospitality, describes a digital dilemma: with the ability to purchase tickets so readily available, why would consumers need me to help them? The answer lies in the service level, the access, the exclusive parties, the seats you can’t buy on ticket platforms, but mostly unique experiences that simply cannot be offered elsewhere.

A Solution Rooted in Personal Connection: Mike Zandman’s Approach

Zandman leverages his extensive network, which he built during his years in New York City’s vibrant nightlife scene. Instead of merely providing a ticket, Zandman offers the best access with a complete experience from start to finish. He explains that his focus is on premium access and service. His clients know they can reach him at any hour, and he goes the extra mile to personalize their experiences.

The Edge of Personal Service

So why Entertainment Access instead of sticking with the massive online ticketing sites? First and foremost, a unique one-of-a-kind experience. When you’re paying top dollar for a VIP experience, the last thing you want is to be just another event attendee. Zandman offers the sort of customer care that’s becoming increasingly rare in a digitized world. He has the industry relationships to secure unique experiences—imagine not just sitting front row at your favorite artist’s concert but perhaps even a backstage tour.

Second, expertise. Mike Zandman knows the ins and outs of venues, optimal seating arrangements, and even the idiosyncrasies of individual events. This knowledge allows Entertainment Access to customize experiences to a degree that a one-size-fits-all online platform simply can’t.

Lastly, reliability. In a world where scams are rife, especially for high-demand events, Entertainment Access offers a secure and trustworthy avenue to acquire legitimate VIP access and experiences. For the consumer, this assurance is often worth the price of admission itself.

“People love live entertainment and when they are paying for a VIP experience, that is exactly what they deserve to receive.  Often with online retailers, when you need help with anything pertaining to your event you must contact their call center and wait on hold, etc which in my opinion is not a VIP experience.  Myself and my team are available 24/7 to make sure everything is seamless so you can just enjoy the event you’re attending” explains Zandman.

As the ticketing industry grapples with the digital age, Mike Zandman presents a compelling case for the value of premium service and personal relationships. It’s a lesson in adaptability, resourcefulness, and the enduring power of human connection.

By Naomi Peng Naomi Peng has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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