The Future We Create

Published on June 27, 2020

The Future We Create is an upcoming web series that will explore the role of technology in storytelling as we strive to create the future we want to see. This exciting new series of fireside chats will feature Ronni Kim, Founder of Collective Future and Brian Dolan, Founder of Verdant.AI as they explore topics related to myths around AI and how technology can be an agent of positive change in the world. 

The stories we tell have ripple effects that can reach far and wide, that’s why we must be intentionally proactive in telling stories that will inform the world we want. Through this series of fireside chats we will explore the relationship that technology has with the world. Today we interact differently than we did before technology played a major role in our everyday lives, and it’s only going to change even more in the future.

Both Ronni and Brian are future visionaries who explore the impact of frontier technologies, such as AI, VR, and IoT on how we interact with the world. We’re excited to interview them on July 9.

As the world finds itself a giant pandemic-induced reboot, it gives us time also to rethink our current path and explore what is needed to truly create the future we want. The role of storytelling during this time has grown in its importance, but the data and expert voices we hear often add to our collective confusion. This is the first in a series of talks with innovators around the world to explore these concepts and help us reframe our views on technology. How we can make technology work for us and help us create compelling and inspiring stories of the world we want to see.  

The first talk is scheduled for July 9, 2020, at 4pm PST, with more to follow. Interested attendees can register here. 

Sandra Ponce de Leon is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is a veteran start-up executive who has launched and supported companies through several successful exits. She has a broad marketing background that crosses consumer and business markets. As a tech passionista, she has a focus on blue-tech and also covers topics such as blockchain,  SaaS, health-tech, mobile, iOT and AI. She is a startup adviser and outsourced CMO that leads corporate marketing activities to fuel growth. Sandra's long history in Silicon Valley has enabled her to forge friendships and business relationships with the industry's top tech leaders and influencers which inform much of her extensive body of work including the Popping the Bubbl podcast, and contributing to #LatinaGeeks where she actively writes about emerging tech trends.

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