‘The Boys’ Season Two is More of What We Love

Published on August 24, 2020

The Boys is returning with a second season that won’t disappoint. Based on Garth Ennis’ beloved and nasty comic book series, the series became an instant hit among Amazon Prime subscribers, thanks to its fresh, R-rated spin on superheroes. Everything fans loved in season one is turned up to an 11 with season two.

Season Two in a Nutshell

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) has disappeared, leaving his team of superhero killers lost and on the run from the law and the Seven. Season one ended with a bang, in which Bill learns his wife is alive and under the thumb of the villainous Homelander (Antony Starr). Episode one keeps the mystery going for a little bit, but once a few pertinent questions are answered, The Boys season two puts the pedal to metal and doesn’t let up.

More of What We Love

The new episodes of The Boys double down on what worked in season one. It’s more perverse, more heartfelt, and more of everything. There’s one episode, in particular, involving Billy Joel and a whale gag that crystalizes the fun of the show. It’s episode three and one of the best episodes of the new season, if not the series. The stellar episode is packed with comedy, real-world horror, outlandishness, and all sorts of different tones and colors. It’s an episode, like the rest of the series, packed to the brim with a variety of characters, tones, and ideas. How the show manages to pull off all these different styles, often within the same scene, makes it both unpredictable and wonderful. We already know the world of The Boys and what we expect from the show, and yet it’s still surprising. 

The Novelty is Not Gone

There’s no other show quite like The Boys. A part of season one’s charm was that it was different. By different, that doesn’t mean more violent, vulgar, or crass than the average comic book property. It’s unique in its personality, as aforementioned. It’s a show with huge scope and big personality. Usually, the larger the scope of a property, the less personality. The Boys was new and fresh when it debuted two years ago, and that new car smell hasn’t worn off from season one. It’s still surprising. It’s still exciting. And it still goes to places we know we should expect to see on The Boys, and yet we’re still surprised.

What’s New?

The Boys season two has what we love about the show, but it brings plenty of new flavors to the recipe. There’s improvements made, too. Playing a badass mute on the team of supe killers, Karen Fukuhara didn’t have the juiciest role among the guys in season one. She was silent, but more than that, wasn’t played as prominent as her co-leads. In season two, her story carries more weight. She’s no longer just a mystery or a badass or plot device. She’s much more than that. Season two is digging deeper into these anti-heroes and, yes, their terrifying and super-powered adversaries. 

No Sophomore Slump Here

I’m about halfway through season two. It’s just pure entertainment that, on a craft level, is captivating too. It’s not a show that is just fun, it’s also captivating in its craft. How the show manages to move so fast without leaving any characters or storylines behind for the sake of pacing, like so many comic book adaptations and large-scale movies do, is impressive. Every character gets their due this season. The Boys is the exact kind of large-scale comic book storytelling that doesn’t trade in character and personality for action and routine. Anyone already anticipating season two of the series should already start raising their expectations before season two provides hours of great, thoughtfully crass entertainment.

Jack Giroux is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, he is an entertainment journalist who's previously written for Thrillist, Slash Film, Film School Rejects, and The Film Stage.

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