Thailand’s First 3-Michelin Starred Restaurant Might Have Just Arrived 800 Feet Above Bangkok

Published on March 28, 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but Thailand might finally have a 3-Michelin star restaurant and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Chef’s Table is born from visionary restaurateur Deepak Ohri. Chef Vincent Thierry, who came to 3-Michelin Star fame at Caprice at The Four Seasons in Hong Kong helms the kitchen. Together, they may have just introduced Thailand to a new culinary scene.

chef's table
Courtesy of Lebua Hotels and Resorts

Perched on top of Lebua Hotels and Resorts in the Dome at Lebua, Chef’s Table joins a collection of restaurants and bars that tempts guests with divine service and views of Bangkok.

The restaurant serves French cuisine in an interactive atmosphere 61 stories above Bangkok. When we say interactive we mean the 360-degree open kitchen. As a first in the culinary world, the kitchen allows diners to watch the chefs when they’re not gawking at the views.

Chef Thierry’s main focus is sourcing quality ingredients from France and the local area. For instance chocolate from Chiang Mai and cream for house-made butter from Khao Yai.

Diners will experience the highest fixed price menu in Thailand starting at $900 for two. Optional wine pairings are at an additional cost.  But with a wine list consisting of Biondi Santi, one of the top Italian wines served to Queen Elizabeth, it might just be worth it.

Other than wine, diners can expect to taste a range of sophisticated dishes such as king crab tiramisu, crayfish, and a lemon vanilla sphere.

chef's table
Courtesy of Lebua Hotels and Resorts

Central to space and concept; the actual Chef’s Table—a Molteni stove in cream and brass—glows warmly in the center. The table wrapped in a smooth crescent carved from Michelangelo’s favorite Carrara marble and a champagne-bronze color palette ensures the cuisine is still the star of the show.

The removal of major pillars created an open space past the exterior of the building. The kitchen’s Molteni stove, packed in four separate boxes and assembled on site is a prominent feature of the restaurant. The installation of a first-ever exhaust system to keep the kitchen and chef cool and room odor-free posed a challenge for architects. In addition, the lighting design and overall manpower to create this restaurant in the sky are impressive, and somewhat of an architectural marvel.

chef's table
Courtesy of Lebua Hotels and Resorts

Chef’s Table comes on the heels of opening Pink, a specialty champagne bar and Lebua No.3, a specialty gin, caviar and vodka bar all within a span of 100 days.

Pink sits adjacent to Chef’s Table and is hard to miss. Clad in bright ‘millennial pink’, the bar is ideal for before or after dinner drinks. An outdoor patio offers panoramic views of Bangkok’s cityscape, while inside offers circular lounges and live piano.

The fun continues at Lebua No.3, the world’s tallest gin, caviar and vodka bar. The stylish high tech venue glows an electric blue and offers great views of the Chao Phraya River and city skyline.

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