Teslas Will Soon Get Netflix and Youtube, Elon Musk Says

Published on July 29, 2020

Between games and dog mode, Elon Musk clearly wants to make Teslas a car you’ll never want to get out of.

Now, on top of the tons of features the cars already offer, you’ll soon be able to stream your favorite Netflix shows and Youtube videos from the car’s dashboard tablet. CEO Musk announced the development in a Tweet over the weekend, clarifying that drivers will only be able to access the feature while the car is in park. However, Musk hopes that the cars will be able to access the feature while driving once the self-driving mode is able to work better in the future.

Tesla’s Major Advances

Tesla made major advances to the automobile market when it came on the scene back in 2008. However, the cars’ high price tag was reserved for only the super-rich, and a lack of accessibility to charging stations made the nearly $100,000 price tag hard to warrant for many. Today, thousands of Tesla charging units are littered along freeways throughout the United States. Drivers of the all-electric vehicles can charge their cars in as little as a few hours. This has made cross country travel virtually effortless for Tesla drivers.

Meanwhile, Musk has worked hard to make the cars more accessible to the everyday person. The company launched its first affordable model earlier this year with the Tesla Model 3. Musk promised the arrival of the Model 3, which starts in the $30,000’s, back in 2016. However it took some time to make that promise come true, as the company hit a couple of road blocks along the way, from a lack of resources, high production costs, and drama between the company’s investors and Musk himself back in the fall of 2018.

After the arrival of the Model 3 Tesla announced that it not only met its sales goals for the second quarter of 2019, but exceeded them. The company revealed just a few weeks ago that its had to amp up production in order to meet demand with the influx of sales that have come from the release of the Model 3. All of this appears to be good news for investors in the public company, but experts warn that an increase in sales on a cheaper product does not necessarily mean that the company is doing better than it was before. If anything, it could be bringing in the same amount of money, with a greater cost in production.

In Recent Months

Regardless, thousands more Tesla’s are being driven than before. The interiors of the cars have also gotten more features in the last couple of months as well. Musk announced awhile back that the independently released video game, Cuphead, would be coming to Tesla cars in August. The game, which uses old-school animation styles to take players on a stressful adventure through the seven levels of hell, caught Musk’s attention when it was released earlier this year.

Now, Musk and Tesla want to give the vehicles more of an entertainment feature. In the coming months, drivers will be able to watch Youtube and Netflix while their cars are in park. Just in case watching makeup tutorials on your phone while sitting in your car was too much of a strain on your eyes, you’ll soon be able to sit back, relax, and stream it directly from your car.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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