Tesla’s Model 3 Is Finally Here

Published on March 2, 2019

It’s been a long time in the making, but Tesla has finally released its $35,000 Model 3 all electric car. The all electric car is a significant step down from the luxury vehicles that Tesla is known for. The new model aims to be the more affordable option for anyone interested in the eco-friendlyness of the Tesla without the finances to be able to pay for it. The model comes with downgrades from the luxury interior. It’s also only available in one color—black. It may not be the luxury car Tesla is known for, but it’s the affordable option that everyone wanted.

How Tesla Got Here

The arrival of the Model 3 brought with it some bad news as well. The company announced recently that it would be going through rounds of layoffs and getting rid of other employee benefits. One of the most notable negative changes within the company; it’s getting rid of employee bonuses. Musk announced the arrival of the $35,000 car this week, but stated that the cheaper price means that Tesla will have to make some changes to accommodate. The company will be closing its retail stores and moving into exclusively e-commerce. Customers can order the vehicles online, and they’ll be delivered to their doors in just a few weeks.

Musk announced the cheaper model of the Tesla way back in 2016. He promised the arrival of the car to come in 2017. The announcement of the car made Musk’s intentions clear; he wanted to make electric cars available to just about anyone. The car didn’t show up in time to meet the initial deadline, obviously, but it probably took some time to find a way to build a car that met all of the crazy requirements that Musk was promising at the time. The CEO promised that the car would meet the highest possible safety ratings, offer a range of at least 215 miles and come wrapped up in a nice package that retailed for less than $40,000. It was supposed to be the best ‘bang for your buck’ on the auto market—and it is, but can Tesla afford to create cars for such a low price?

Issues Already

The Model 3 was officially released to the masses this week. The company has been experimenting with autopilot for years now. The more expensive models have offered some form of the feature since before Tesla announced the cheaper model would be making its way into the market in 2016. In a badly timed turn of events, a Model 3 crashed into a semi-truck this week. After the autopilot feature malfunctioned, the driver was killed onsite. The car merged into the truck from the side, causing its roof to be sheared off by the underbelly of the truck. The autopilot feature on the car is being investigated as the cause of the accident. The feature is being investigated as being the cause of a similar accident in 2016.

The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is now available on the company’s website. If you’ve got some spare change lying around, you may want to consider copping a new ride.


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