Tesla Offers Dog Mode For Traveling Pets

Published on February 26, 2019

Remember that meme about the dog that was left in the car on a hot day that circulated the web a couple of years ago? Tesla clearly took that meme to heart with a new feature being offered on its cars called dog mode. The mode allows drivers to leave their car running with the air on a desired temperature. Meanwhile, the screen on the cars dashboard will read the current cabin temperature and a notice that the owner will return soon.

The option for Dog Mode was created and implemented in one of the newer software updates released from Tesla. Car owners can install the updates and find the option in the car’s built-in computer. Users can find the option in the “Keep The Climate” option within the car options. The dog mode option seems to have been inspired by a tweet made to Elon Musk last fall. Musk responded a simple “yes” to the tweet and rolled out the feature just a few months later.

Possible Issues

Not everyone seems to be as on board with dog mode as Twitter is, though. Animal rights groups and other charities have spoken against the feature since it was announced just a few weeks ago. They claim that technology isn’t foolproof, and it isn’t worth risking your dogs life if something goes wrong. If the feature were to break, it would be dangerous. The groups encourage dog owners to instead leave their pets at home during hot months.

“We thank Tesla for thinking about the dogs who lose their lives in cars every single summer, but we caution that the ‘dog mode’ function isn’t foolproof and could provide a false sense of security, as engines and air conditioning can cut out. The notice in the window telling passers-by that everything is all right is also cause for concern, as it might dissuade someone from intervening if the technology does malfunction. The safest way for anyone to protect dogs when temperatures soar is simply to leave them at home — with plenty of water,” said a Spokeswoman for PETA to Business Insider.

Other Drama

Tesla has been working hard to maintain its image in the wake of recent drama surrounding its rocky relationship with CEO Elon Musk. Musk is currently in trouble with the company for breaking an SEC agreement. Tesla considers Musk a threat to company investors because of his tendency to make announcements unexpectedly on Twitter. The agreement came about last fall after weeks of drama. It all started when Musk tweeted that he planned to privatize the company and sell shares for $420 each. Musk currently has a couple of weeks to explain his recent tweets about the company to the SEC before facing retaliation.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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