Tesla Fixes Common Complaints In Model Y

Published on February 22, 2021

Tesla introduced an affordable option for its crossover SUV vehicle last year in the Model Y, and while the Model Y saw instant success as one of Tesla’s most popular vehicles, consumers often complained about a few cosmetic details that were recently fixed in the most recent Tesla refresh. This refresh first appeared in models that were found in China, according to Inside EV’s, though consumers in the United States are starting to see them as well.

The most prominent feature that was changed in the new, refreshed version of the Model Y was its center console. Consumers were impressed by the old version’s shiny surface in showrooms, but quickly found that the piano black surface got dirty quickly and was hard to keep clean. The refreshed version of the car offers a matte finish on the center console, which keeps its sleek appearance longer and is easier to keep clean long term.

Consumers also noticed that the refresh replaces the hinged console door with a sliding one, but keeps the wireless smartphone charging compatibility that the Model Y boasts in its center console. Consumers often complained about the center console lid when it was a push to close lid, since you had to close it slowly to be able to keep it shut.

Tesla also offered some other features in the Model y refresh that were first on the Model 3, and the Model 3 recently got some features that were introduced in the Model Y so the company is clearly trying to update its Model 3 while also bringing in new features altogether. Things like auto-dimming mirrors are among the features that will now be on the Model Y.

Other things like heated seats and an updated interior are also included in the refresh. It looks like newer photos of the interior reveals that Tesla got rid of the wood finish that customers originally got. Reviews of the Model Y often criticized the company’s decision to include a wood finish on the interior, and many called the feature cheap looking. The new interior appears to replace that with a white finish along the dashboard, though the white could just be the new replacement for those that also order the white interior upgrade.

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