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Tech media and startups in a post-Covid-19 world: challenges and opportunities

Covid-19 has temporarily — and possibly permanently — changed the tech media world. It has altered how we communicate with each other, work, experience culture, and understand politics. It had a tremendous effect on the economy.

Some industries will die. Others will emerge. While some segments of the tech industry are booming, many startups and organizations need to reinvent themselves.

But what influence has the pandemic had on startup community and ecosystem? How has it affected media as an industry, and, in particular, the tech media?

Before the pandemic, traditional media was under constant pressure. Traditional business models, relying on advertising spend and ensuring the presence of a permanent editorial team could only be sustained by the top tier media, thus the whole segment of medium-sized media evaporated or changed.

Advertising budgets available for traditional media have been constantly in decline over recent years. The organizational structure of media outlets changed allowing more and more external unpaid contributors to maintain a fragile balance of interesting and reliable content versus bottom-line results.

The influence of the pandemic could be twofold. It can accelerate the pre-existing trends, or it can force businesses and media to change and head in an entirely new direction. The industry may have to invent new formats, new ways of collaboration, and new business models.

In an upcoming webinar presented by the London Business School, members of the media will discuss this and more. “Tech Media and Startups: Challenges and Opportunities in the New Reality” will go in-depth on how the tech industry, in general, will be affected, and what’s coming next. In conversation with Mike Butcher (TechCrunch), Lydia Dishman (Fast Company) and myself, Stewart Rogers (Grit Daily), we will discuss what is going on with tech media right now. The conversation will be mediated by Nastasya Savina (1step2market).

The key topics for the conversation are:

  • What is the situation in media and particularly tech media right now?
  • Do your colleagues conduct scenario analysis for the tech industry? How would the tech industry be affected by pandemic now and in the future? What segments are affected negatively or positively most?
  • Will the whole tech startup ecosystem be affected or will remain mainly the same
  • How will collaboration between business and tech media change? Will the new formats emerge? Is there any advice that you can share with the founders?
  • What could be done together to aid those who suffered most from Covid-19 and quarantine

The event takes place on April 7, 2020, at 2.30 p.m. US Eastern. Sign up and join the conversation to hear where the industry heads next.