Tampa’s Taylor Precourt says “pumps” shouldn’t be the reason women get blocked from executive roles

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on August 18, 2019

We’ve documented the lopsided gender balance among executives.

Changing at — what so far appears to be — a glacial place, it doesn’t look like that type of coverage will change soon. But that doesn’t mean some current and former execs are standing idly by. She Advisors, which makes no effort to hide its theme right in its name, aims to bump relatively modest women figures in executive roles.

She Advisors founder Taylor Precourt and advisory partner Rachel Burns are “splitting” — literally and figuratively — their initiative with “fractional” women executives to fill top positions. Grit Daily caught up with Precourt at its (informal) Grit Daily dinner with Columnist Cesar Hernandez in Tampa.

Grit Daily: For the uninitiated, what does She Advisors do, exactly? 

Taylor Precourt: Have you ever heard of an interim executive, sometimes referred to as independent C-Suite consultants?  Well, that’s essentially what we are with a modernized — and very millennial — twist.

We position fractional women executives into businesses looking to elevate their people, process, and profits. We are cut from the same cloth as the great Marcus Lemones, just add a pair of pointed-toe pumps! Organizations looking to get back on track, off the ground, or to the next level hire us, She Advisors, to “speed” things up. Our services stretch across the tech space, corporate finance, operations/process and more; with a hyper focus on centralization, automation, and digitization.

GD: The executive advice space is a crowded one. What prompted you to wade into it? 

TP: It’s crowded, but I started to question its effectiveness during my days behind a desk in corporate America. I saw the “fat” checks we were dishing out to our consultants, who acted more as a therapists to our executive team than advisors.

I observed our needs as a company (which at the time was in a stage of hyper-growth) was more operational than cultural. She Advisors was hand-crafted to provide industry leaders with fractional executive services customized to fit their unique needs, we do not work out of a one-size fits all toolbox. Effective leadership can make or break a company.

Our value-proposition goes further than advice, we execute.  You aren’t just hiring a consultant, you are hiring an executive to fit in the role at hand.  We wear whatever title is needed in that moment. As far as the “female thing” goes, I’ve worked with notable leaders in a variety of industries including technology, construction, healthcare, non-profit, product, and education for over a decade, it became clear that diversity — in this case female leadership –made for a more innovative and profitable outcome. Trained in building out lean infrastructures, we work with our client’s leadership teams to optimize and automate, setting the sails to scale.  Too often companies are over-hiring for projects that are better-suited outsourcing, that’s where we come in.

GD: How do you split your roles with partner, Rachel Burns? 

TP: Rachel is a fierce business woman and a natural born connector. We both have vibrant, bold personalities just different colored hair. Divide and conquer is our main motto on the “SheSquad.”

Our responsibilities are flexed. I take one client, she takes the other mentality and we flex when necessary depending on the scope of work. A fluid process is the key to success. As a company we follow outlined best practices to maximize our output and keep things lean and highly effective, inclusive of tech centralization, process automation, financial recourse, etc. our guidelines act as quality control. We love what we do! The organizations that engage with us come from varying industries all over the country,

All of our advisors, Rachel and I included, are capable of entering into a C-Suite role and making a positive impact. We go beyond advising, we execute.

GD: How are you sourcing these interim executives? 

TP:  Our social networks have acted as a recruiting platform. We have female executives inquiring about the opportunity to become a part of our team via social media DM weekly. These women are high performing/high paid C Suite executives, looking to step into entrepreneurship. We’ve built an entrepreneurial platform that provides them with the tools they need to be successful in any industry, business is business and our methods prove that.

GD: Tampa hasn’t gotten a lot of “air time” from the tech community until very recently. What’s one unconventional wisdom that you’d want executives who are considering a move to the “other bay area” to know? 

TP: Tampa Bay is making moves and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. Outside of Tampa Bay being extremely affordable to start and run a business, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is a tight knit community focused on less hype and more hustle, get on the train before it leaves the station.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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