Tampa Bay ranked in the top 20 tech towns next to California giants

Published on December 10, 2019

A new list named Tampa as one of the best “tech towns” in the U.S.

Although known as a party state, Florida is home to two cities on the list.

Coming in at number 19, Tampa has a decent cost of living compared to wages and a good amount of investment opportunities for tech companies.

CompTIA, a professional association for people who work in technology, created the list based on relative salary, cost of living, number of jobs posted, and the percent of growth the city was likely to see.

Other leaders on the list were Austin, Texas, who came in at number one and even Jacksonville, Florida who came in one place ahead of Tampa.

When looking at Tampa, CompTIA considered all of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa as part of the study.

They said that what set Tampa Bay apart from other cities most is that Tampa is a “clean slate” and “uncharted territory,” according to the post.

Tampa’s ranks highest for the cost of living, number of jobs posted, and the growth of the job market.

Not the first time

Tampa is not new to accolades.

CBRE Group Inc. listed Tampa number 29 for tech talent earlier this year.

Forbes listed Tampa as the second best place for young entrepreneurs.

These lists cited the cost of living as the main benefit. They also looked into how much the local government is supporting new innovation.

Tampa mayor Jane Castor said she is not surprised by CompTIA’s conclusions.

“Tampa is a city on the move, a city full of visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, and some of the world’s most creative thought leaders,” Castor said, “Our robust talent pipeline, low cost of living, diversity, and vibrant social scene makes Tampa a top city to attract and retain  some of the best and the brightest.”

Tampa is growing in part because of the infrastructure that has been encouraged by local government entities.

Brian Kornfeld is the co-founder and CEO of Synapse, a Tampa-based non-profit. Kornfeld helps entrepreneurs start and gain traction in their businesses by connecting the right people.

He said that this was an “exciting time” for innovation in Tampa.

“The Tampa Bay market is on a meteoric rise for jobs and talent,” said Kornfeld,”The market has hit an inflection point where talent is actively seeking the market and opening doors to new opportunities.

He said that that he is looking forward to the future with even more growth.

“The tech companies are working hard to bring top talent to Tampa Bay, which enables further growth, even more jobs, and more economic development,” said Kornfeld.

Top cities for tech

Topping this list was Austin, Texas who has a lower-than-average cost of living and in 2018, 46 tech companies relocated to the city, according to CompTIA.

Austin’s average salary was about 88,000 a year.

The quality of life is high in Austin, thanks to good schools, nightlife and outdoor lifestyle, according to the study.

Raleigh, North Carolina claimed the second place slot because of its biotech industry and nearby research institutions to back them up.

In Raleigh, the average salary is over 91,000 dollars and the cost of living is almost five percent lower than the national average, which accounts for the largest part of the city’s ranking.

San Jose, California is third for being a part of the silicone valley and allowing residents to enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

The only other city in Florida to make the list was Jacksonville. At just one place above Tampa Bay, Jacksonville is ranking high for its growth.

Jacksonville’s tech talent is paid almost 75,000 dollars on average and the cost of living is almost four percent higher than the national average.

Sarah Smith is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Tampa, Florida, she primarily covers new tech and events.

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