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Is Blue Carbon The Climate Solution We've Been Looking For All Along?

Could blue carbon be the climate solution we've been looking for all along? Blue Carbon refers to the carbon that is sequestered in coastal an Much like terrestrial forests sequester CO2, so do coastal plants such as mangroves, seagrass, and alga, as well as marine life. More focus on blue carbon as a climate solution is needed especially as the world is losing coastal ecosystems at a 400% rate faster than rainforests. These vital ecosystems need to be protected as we think through and act on climate solutions.

Ocean Spray Embraces Regenerative Agriculture And Goes 100% Sustainable

Ocean Spray announced today that 100% of the cranberries grown by the 700 farmer families that make up its cooperative have been certified as sustainably grown. It is the first fruit cooperative worldwide to farm an entirely sustainably grown crop by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI) verified via the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA). It also announced it is partnering with National Geographic to combat climate change and support regenerative fieldwork around the world.

Hyper Moves With Ben Lamm Of Hypergiant

An insightful conversation with Ben Lamm of Hypergiant to talk about his journey as an entrepreneur, what drives him and what keeps him optimistic in these apocalyptic times. It was an encouraging window into the brain of a hyper-focused man looking to leave his mark on humanity in a positive way.