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Cory Mackey
on June 21, 2021

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – Deals to Add to Your Cart Right Now

There are a lot of deal events throughout the year that can cause people to rush to the stores or jump online and grab their favorite products at a discount. One of the most famous examples of this is Black Friday. But there are other deal events that do the same, with one of the biggest being none other than Amazon Prime Day.

local businesses
Brian Wallace
on June 20, 2021

Using Location Pages for SEO

Of all the landscapes COVID-19 may have irreversibly altered, the local search environment is not the one most people talk about.  Yet in 2020, 57% of consumers purchased from a local business for the first time because they offered pandemic friendly services.  Over half of consumers avoided local businesses that didn’t offer such accommodations.  How […]

vitalik buterin grit daily news
Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 19, 2021

As World Economic Forum Lays-Out Framework For DeFi Regulation, CoinSwap Space Is Perfectly Poised

This week, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report that presented a framework for how nations and states might seek to regulate the DeFi market. The framework seeks to promote fair, efficient, enforceable regulations for the emerging digital asset market. Although there is much resistance in the crypto-sphere towards regulation, a report like this […]

covid genetic prediction test
Brian Wallace
on June 19, 2021

Using a COVID Genetic Prediction Test

The United States’ rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations has been impressive. As of May 2021, 50% of American adults have been at least partially vaccinated against the disease. Unfortunately, the pandemic risks continue, but using a COVID genetic prediction test may help. Herd immunity requires 70% to 85% of a population to be vaccinated. Since reaching […]

s'more dating app grit daily
S’More App
on June 17, 2021

S’More Celebrates Pride Month With Launch in San Francisco, Month-Long Pride-Themed IGTV Lives, free premium, and local partnerships

  NEW YORK, NY, Thursday June 18th,  – S’More, the anti-superficial dating app from former Magic Labs/Bumble executive Adam Cohen-Aslatei launches in San Francisco with over 10k registered users from the city already on the platform. This marks the app’s 7th successful launch since its inception in 2020. S’More is also celebrating its SF launch […]

digital HR
Brian Uhelski
on June 17, 2021

Benefits of Digital HR in Professional Services

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives. The most highly impacted has undoubtedly been the way we work. Companies have had to rely on technology more than ever to keep their business humming and their employees engaged. With the possibility of remote and hybrid work models continuing post-pandemic, employers and HR […]

Nicole Velez
on June 17, 2021

Surprising PTO Trends During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the pandemic, the way millions of us viewed work changed dramatically. Millions of Americans began working from home and with quarantine and social distancing measures in place. With nowhere to go and many of us unable to even visit family, this made for very surprising PTO trends from employees.  To better understand the trend […]

Tampa Bay Wave Accelerator
Sarah Marshall
on June 15, 2021

Tampa Bay Wave Accepting Applications for 2021 TechWomen Rising Accelerator Program

Tampa Bay Wave has announced that they are accepting applications for their 2nd TechWomen Rising accelerator program, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase. At last year’s Synapse Summit, JPMorgan Chase awarded a $500,000 grant a two-year partnership between Tampa Bay Wave and Embarc Collective that will focus on supporting women tech entrepreneurship and the pipeline of women entrepreneurs. […]

DeepOptics 32N sunglasses
Stewart Rogers Stewart Rogers has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 15, 2021

New, dazzling technology set to deliver the only sunglasses you’ll ever need

Summer is upon us (well, in the Northern hemisphere, at least), which means we’re all dusting off our sunglasses. But for those of us that have a prescription, there are only a few options that ensure you can still see where you’re going. And it’s even worse for glasses wearers that need to deal with […]

Rhea Patten
on June 15, 2021

How Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Can Bounce Back Post-Pandemic

Ten years of progress in three months. Most businesses would do anything for that type of growth. But what does it mean when that type of change occurs in one industry and across multiple product or service segments?  Ecommerce was catapulted by COVID-19 due to increased demand. In fact, 52% of adult consumers reported shopping […]

Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on June 14, 2021

America: White Males Are Now The Minority In Business Ownership

Are you discouraged by the anemic ‘risk capital’ flows towards women and minority groups? Well, consider this broader milestone: White men are no longer the majority of business owners in the U.S. But granted that most small businesses, which include agencies and mom-and-pop shops, aren’t tech firms (albeit some productize to become one)—modernizing businesses may […]

data control
Bikram Singh
on June 14, 2021

AI-Enabled Data Control Revolutionizes Fintech

Data Control Platforms Leverage Machine Learning & AI The financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 resulted in marked changes to the institutional financial sector landscape. Weaknesses were brought to light and financial institutions were forced to reevaluate how they were managing data and restructure as a result. Then 2020 brought with it a global pandemic, […]

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