Tacotopia Is The New LA Experience We Need And Deserve

Published on June 16, 2019

What’s your utopia? Many would not be opposed to one solely focused on tacos. Lucky for us, Tacotopia is real.

Tacotopia is a new experiential pop-up and playground hybrid that celebrates everything taco related (yes, that includes fan favorites tequila and avocado). Think San Francisco’s Museum of Ice Cream, but for tacos.

The installation kicked-off this month right in the thick of beautiful Santa Monica Promenade and features over 25 unique, Instagrammable interactive spaces. Try your luck at a Jarritos soda carnival game (you get a free Jarritos soda, win or lose), capture a Boomerang on the taco see-saw, and swing on two different tequila-themed swings.


The three most unabashedly fun spaces feature a mechanical taco “bull” that you can ride (no country music for this one), a taco round-a-bout (think the teacup ride at the carnival, except it looks like a…wait for it…taco), and a giant bowl of “guac” that you can literally dive right into (the guac is actually soft green cubes, unfortunately).

Tacotopia fits all kinds of fun ingredients into this immersive taco world.

Photography and Instagram lovers will, well, love the photo ops that Tacotopia offers at every turn. Each themed space is very colorful, coordinated, and most offer fun props to put on and engage with. Your love of tequila will shine in the lime-themed space that includes a trendy neon that reads “Señorita needs a margarita.” Spicy food lovers can declare themselves proudly in a space that features “Hot people eat hot sauce” in big bold letters as the backdrop.


Tacotopia is presented by Cholula Hot Sauce, so you’ll also enjoy free chips and hot sauce samples, including a free mini bottle of Cholula. Even better, the event is partnered with nearby Azule Taqueria, so each entry gets you a voucher for a free taco there (they also serve margarita pitchers, FYI). Their tacos alone will create a Tacotopia in your mouth.

Tickets for the Los Angeles experience are currently available. While you can stay as long as you want, the exhibit does close each day, so you’ll have to leave taco paradise at some point. The good news is you can come back — it’s open every day except Wednesday. Tacotopia is also on the move to Chicago, Miami, and New York.

They also have special events you can take a look at, like a Puppy Hour during which time you can bring your beloved pooch and share your love of tacos together. There’s also Taco Twosday every Tuesday when you can get buy one, get one free tickets.

In a time where digital everything takes over our lives, Tacotopia is part of the growing wave of experiential recreation. Fun for fun’s sake. Sure, you’ll pull out your phone to take photos for the gram, but the smiles are real. 

Oh, and the messaging is even better: “Less hate, more tequila.” (Another must-take neon pic.)

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Noah Staum is the West Coast Managing Editor at Grit Daily. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and has lived in four different countries. Across that span he’s learned Mandarin, adopted an adorable Shiba Inu, and worked for several major dating apps. Noah is based in Los Angeles, California, focusing his coverage on entertainment and entrepreneurship.

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