With the massive amount of security and data breaches, it’s important to make sure you are protected, even at home.

Credit: Swann Security

In today’s age of smart technology, “smart security” seems kind of redundant in the sense that personal security in and of itself should be designed and carried out with the utmost caution, thought, and intelligence.

But, it seems that like all other forms of smart technology, “smart security” aims to push towards convenience and portability. For example, companies like Arlo, Nest, Canary, and Swann, have made the strides in attracting consumers desires to be safe and secure on the go.

In my opinion, I still think there’s a difference between smart security and “smart security”. As an Internet Attorney, I never thought I would (1) have to deal with worrying about home (or apartment in my case) security, and/or (2) living in an apartment, that I would need a home security system.

Location, Location, Location

After dealing with my first online stalker showing up to my apartment door, it became necessary to look at options out there. While I ultimately decided to utilize Swann Security’s camera, it’s important to understand that regardless of the brand or location, every individual should have some form of security set up. And, why wouldn’t you?

I was curious on why security companies like Swann believe it’s advantageous for consumers to have portable cameras encoded with smart technology. I had a chance to speak with Dennis McTighe, Vice-President of the Americas.

Dennis McTighe, Vice-President of the Americas.

#1 –Accessibility and Customizable Interface

Consumers like easy to use and user-friendly electronics. When it comes to security, I don’t think the words “easy” and user-friendly have ever been in the same sentence. With devices like Swann and these other brands, the accessibility and customizable interface for the systems are easy to navigate and set up. That’s huge when it comes to a consumer who just wants to know on a basic level that they are safe and secure in their own homes.

This smart technology allows you to manage multiple areas and rooms of your home on a dashboard–all from your smartphone or smart tablet. This is a new age of technology and comfort when it comes to easing any sense of discomfort.

On another level, the fact that these security systems, like Swann, are able to send push notifications and alerts to and from a device is as useful especially in the case of an individual having small children and/or pets. Me? I’m a cat dad and can see the busy life he lives while I am cranking away at work or traveling.

#2 –Portability and Mobility

While we are on the move, so are our devices–whether it’s our smartphones, smart tablets, and now, our own home security devices. The fact that we can now take our camera and easily move it from room to room, and even throw it into a suitcase is a game changer.

#3 –Third Party Compatibility

Digital tablet on modern shelf displaying four different video home security, surveillance cameras. Fully property released content on digital tablet from the cameras. Small DOF, Selective Focus.

When it comes to new smart technology and electronics, the ability for these devices to be able to connect to or be compatible with third-party services like Apple, Android, Google, and Amazon is key for its life span. With the integration of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home Assistant, it makes the device’s multi-functionality, seamless.

#4 –Enter the Cloud

Cloud technology and security would make many people twitch. Why? Well, having security footage and/or precious information about the interiors of your home, office, or places of sanctity sent to and uploaded to a third-party location is scary. But, having the ability to upload security video and/or images to the cloud for backup is extremely handy.