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Sunday Sesh: New Music from The Scotts!

There has been some big news in the music world this week. The Killers’ album has been delayed, two EDM icons have announced a collaborative project and Travis Scott and Kid Cudi may have started a new project of their own, appropriately dubbed, The Scotts. In even more exciting news, some great new releases came with the announcements. Check out the new music from The Scotts, The Killers and Sub Focus & Wilkinson!

The Scotts, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi – ‘The Scotts’

Kid Cudi is making some big waves in the lead up to the release of his new album, Entergalactic. Cudi followed up his new single, ‘Leader Of The Delinquents’, with a record setting collaboration with Travis Scott.

‘The Scotts’ premiered on Friday during Travis Scott’s virtual concert in the extremely popular video game, Fortnite. After its premiere at the record setting online event—the online event had 12.3 million viewers—’The Scotts’ set another benchmark by garnering 7.45 million streams in its Spotify debut.

‘The Scotts’ is a spacey track that is all about energy. The two rappers compliment each other well, as they have in the past. The most intriguing part of the release is the fact that they released the song under the moniker The Scotts. Is there a collaborative project in the works? Kid Cudi seemingly confirmed the birth of a new duo on his Twitter page. It is certainly an exciting time to be a Kid Cudi fan.

The Killers – ‘Fire In Bone’

Although The Killers’ new album, Imploding the Mirage, has been delayed, the band is keeping their fans happy with the release of a new single. ‘Fire In Bone’ is an enigmatic song that is driven by its massive plucked bass-line and by Brandon Flowers’ vocals.

The single combines its uplifting sonic energy with introspective lyrics and a carefree ethos. ‘Fire In Bone’ builds on itself throughout its runtime, ebbing and flowing in a way that shows off the song’s intricate writing and arrangement. ‘Fire In Bone’ is the second single from their upcoming album, which is currently without a release date. The Killers said in a statement that they should have a new release date in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on their socials for the announcement. In the meantime, enjoy ‘Fire In Bone’!

Sub Focus & Wilkinson – ‘Just Hold On’

Sub Focus and Wilkinson are two huge names in the drum and bass scene. The electronic musicians joined forces in a big way, giving us this majestic track off of their upcoming collaborative album, Portals. ‘Just Hold On’ seems to be the perfect example of what we can expect from the album.

Sub Focus and Wilkinson have both emphasized the exploratory nature of the project, saying that they would be “taking [their] styles in a more expansive and experimental direction.” The two artists certainly achieved that goal in an exceptional way with ‘Just Hold On’. The track is a departure from the artists’ bread-and-butter of DNB, but the step out of their comfort zone resulted in a breaks masterpiece.

The vocals, the drum samples, the chirped synth-melody—and of course the huge bass-line—all come together in such a clean, cohesive way, that it is almost impossible to pin-point the song’s strength. The bittersweet yet uplifting energy of ‘Just Hold On’ captures a prevalent sentiment of this moment in time, a feat which gives the song its iconic feel.

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