Sunday Sesh: New Music from Gorillaz and More!

Published on April 12, 2020

This week’s Sunday Sesh is taking on a much lighter mood than last week’s. On this Easter Sunday, we look back at the week’s musical offerings and enjoy a much more upbeat sonic energy. We have the newest episode of the Gorillaz’ Song Machine project, a single from the talented electronic music artist, Lane 8, and a new single from Twenty One Pilots! We are also switching up energies and taking a dive into the underground with the new release from the UK’s bass MC/Rapper, Flowdan.

Gorillaz – ‘Aries’ ft Peter Hook & Georgia
Gorillaz – ‘Aries’

The newest episode of the Gorillaz’ Song Machine project captures the spring time energy of the title with its synth-wave sensibilities. ‘Aries’ maintains its carefree energy with its vocals and blissful synths. The music video, which you can watch above, makes light of our current reality by having the animated characters record their video in front of a green screen because they cannot go outside due to the quarantine. The lyrics bring it all together, creating a psychedelic love letter that shines through the self-isolation we are all experiencing. Check out the music video in the YouTube embed above!

Lane 8 – ‘Bear Hug’
Lane 8 – ‘Bear Hug’

This new single from Lane 8 comes to you via his label, This Never Happened. ‘Bear Hug’ is an eerie yet melodic dance track that is driven by its complex bass line and trap influenced hi-hats. The weighty progressive house song’s distorted synth in the breakdown compliment the plucked melody that drives the track and creates an epic atmosphere with which Lane 8 uses to build back up to the drop. Throw this one on and you can feel the fog machines going off in your soul. Check out the banging song and its hypnotizing visualizer in the YouTube embed above!

Twenty One Pilots – ‘Level of Concern’
Twenty One Pilots – ‘Level Of Concern’

Twenty One Pilots delivered a new song and music video for all of us this week using the quarantine as a metaphor in the highly dance-able ‘Level Of Concern.’ The sunshine soaked, 80s sound of the track offers a lighthearted backbone for the anxious, love-lorn lyrics. The vocals capture the uncertainty that we are all experiencing and are juxtaposed effectively by the care-free tone of the song itself. ‘Level of Concern’ perfectly captures the mix-mash of emotions we are all feeling in this difficult time and the music video does a great job of encapsulating the creative struggle during quarantine. Check out the song and music video in the embed link above!

Flowdan – The Red Pill
Flowdan – The Red Pill (Full Album)

We’re switching gears with this last entry on the list, but this EP released by the UK’s Flowdan this week is too good to leave out. This sound may be foreign to some, but your favorites (Drake, for instance) have been plugged in to the UK Rap/Grime scene for some time now. Flowdan lays his menacing flow over the spacey and bass-heavy beats like the utter pro that he is. The Red Pill is straight hoods up, heads down vibes and you can stream the whole release in the YouTube embed above.

Things get off to a big start with ‘Upset’ and stay top-notch for rest of the EP. ‘Savage’ and ‘Time Is Money’ keep delivering those dark, bass heavy vibes, while ‘Tell Me Nothing’ takes on a more juke sound with its rolling 808s and chords. If you are into this energy, be sure to check out more of Flowdan’s discography and support him by getting your copy of The Red Pill off his bandcamp page.

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