Sunday Sesh: New Music from Bon Iver and More!

Published on April 19, 2020

Putting together this installment of the Sunday Sesh was like tumbling through a delightful vortex of nostalgia for me. Millennials of a certain age will likely be just as surprised as they are delighted to see new music from the artists featured this week. While each entry is pretty different stylistically speaking, they all capture the vibe of a very unique moment in time. Enjoy the new music from Bon Iver, Kid Cudi, Papadosio, and Feed Me!

Bon Iver – ‘PDLIF (Please Don’t Live In Fear)’

Bon Iver’s ‘PDLIF (Please Don’t Live In Fear)’ is a soulful plea to the world during these trying times. The band is trying to make this song as impactful as possible by donating all proceeds to help Direct Relief provide medical professionals with personal protective equipment. ‘PDLIF’ is a great song aiming to bring us together while helping a great cause.

Kid Cudi – ‘Leader Of The Delinquents’

Kid Cudi previewed this track on his Instagram last weekend, but he officially dropped ‘Leader Of The Delinquents’ on Tuesday. This song is vintage Kid Cudi with its eerie beat and story-telling flow. The introspective lyrics are driven by the heavy kick and bassline, everything being held together by the soft piano melody and swelling strings.

Kid Cudi has become an advocate for mental health awareness in recent years, speaking openly about his struggles. That new understanding of the artist gives some insight to the content of the lyrics and gives the song a whole new level of gravity.

Papadosio – ‘Lion’s Mane’

Not everyone is going to be familiar with Papadosio, but the self-described space rock jam band has been doing their very unique thing since 2006. Blending jam band vibes with electronica, Papadosio has created a unique energy that is trippy and captivating. ‘Lion’s Mane’ is a great introduction to the group with its shifting energy, intricate writing and out-there sounds. This is is the third single of their upcoming album Microdosio and its ethereal, sun-kissed vibe is as hard to describe as the band itself. So, just listen and enjoy!

Feed Me – ‘Coffee Black’

Iconic dubstep artist, Feed Me (who is also the legendary drum and bass artist, Spor) is back with his signature sound of aggressive, neuro-influenced bass-lines blended with symphonic build-ups and breakdowns. This is another great entry to the Feed Me discography that is driven by pure, main-stage energy. If you’re in the mood for a little quarantine raving, this should definitely be on the playlist.

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