Sunday Sesh: Kaskade and More!

Published on April 5, 2020

In the last Sunday Sesh, we saw releases from some iconic American musicians with very different sounds. This week is going to be a more cohesive sampling as we will be looking at some big releases in the rap world and capping things off with a pallet-cleansing and intoxicating deep house single from Kaskade. Do not forget that tuning out for an hour or two and listening to new music can be an integral part of staying sane during the quarantine.

The Alchemist & Conway the Machine – LULU
The Alchemist & Conway the Machine – LULU (Full Album)

On ‘They Got Sonny’, featured artist Cormega raps, “I listen to rappers’ albums/literally mad about the lack of talent.” If you relate to that as much as I do, then you are in for a treat. The joint project from The Alchemist and Conway the Machine, LULU, is a throwback to hip-hop’s golden age. The boom-bap, gangster rap vibes are held together with dexterous word play and cinematic sample work.

The entire release is a deep and dark foray exploring the world of dope dealing with lyrics that paint an intense picture from start to finish. The subject matter is heavy, but the sound is refreshing. The profanity is toned down in comparison to modern rap, the rhyme schemes are complex and there is no mumbling to be found. LULU is an omen from the rap-gods that could signal a shift in the tides of hip-hop. Listen to the entire album via the YouTube embed above.

The Cool Kids – Got Wings
The Cool Kids – Got Wings (Full EP)

The new EP from The Cool Kids, Got Wings, is vintage Cool Kids with a trap rub down. From first distorted 808 on ‘SHHHHHH’, you are hooked and bobbing your head. This EP is a testament to how well Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish compliment each other, leaving us thanking the heavens that The Cool Kids got back together.

‘SHHHHHH’ is heavy trap track thematically speaking, but it is delivered with the intricate techniques that The Cool Kids are known for. ‘Amethyst’ is a spacey and eerie song with a chanted hook and massive soundscape. ‘Protect Your Connect’ is another classic Cool Kids track with the beat creating a smooth, slow jam groove that Mikey Rocks and Chuck lay their flows over. Check out the whole EP in the YouTube embed above.

Kaskade – Find Love
Kaskade – ‘Find Love’

Kaskade is back with another gem. The world famous Producer/DJ released a single that is as relaxing as it is hope inspiring; a combination that is exactly what the world needs right now. ‘Find Love’ is driven by the piano chords, sublime string synths and the plucked bassline. The emotions behind the lyrics are tied together by the energy Kaskade cultivates with his intricate layering and writing. This song magically captures the essence of opening tearful eyes to see a new dawn. Check out the single via the YouTube embed above.

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