Sunday Sesh: A Doctor, A Painter And An Alchemist…

Published on October 4, 2020

This week on the Sunday Sesh, we are bringing you some new works from some of our favorite artists. We have been the Gorillaz Song Machine project, and the newest episode is an installment that you can’t miss. We were very excited about the collaborative album between Conway the Machine and The Alchemist, so naturally, we had to share with you The Alchemist’s latest solo release. And obviously, after getting to know the grunge house pioneer Saint Punk so well, we had to share the latest banger.

So check out what we’re listening to this week below, and support your favorites by grabbing your own copy of their latest releases!

The Alchemist – A Doctor, A Painter And An Alchemist Walk Into A Bar

The Alchemist is one of the best hip-hop producers of all time. His cinematic and gritty production style harks to the golden age of gangsta rap and offers a nice break from all of the pop-influenced noise that plagues the modern rap scene. A Doctor, A Painter And An Alchemist Walk Into A Bar is not only amazingly titled, but is a flawlessly crafted instrumental hip-hop album with a few featured bars from some of The Alchemist’s favorite collaborators. This is the type of album you can zone out and get your mind right to.

Gorillaz feat Elton John & 6lacc – “The Pink Phantom”

“The Pink Phantom” is a mystical collaboration between Damon Albarn (the man behind the Gorillaz), Elton John and 6lacc. Elton John’s theatrical vocals juxtapose nicely with 6lacc’s syrupy flow, and both seemingly contrasting elements are held together by the synth-heavy soundscape offered by Albarn’s production. This is a masterfully balanced assortment of styles and another great installment to a great series with a great music video.

Saint Punk – “Fight”

EDM is often thought of to be purely party fuel, but there is a surprising amount of political and social action that goes on in the rave scene. Saint Punk’s latest track captures the raw energy and emotion that makes up a social movement with his track “Fight”. The track features his angst-y vocal sampling layered over a driving bass-line and skull-rattling synth to illustrate his “reaction to the inequality of civil rights across the US that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement.” Sometimes, bottling an emotion is a political statement in itself.

If you want to learn how to produce like Saint Punk, be sure to check out his bi-monthly YouTube tutorial series!

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