The 7 Best Sun Hats for Men of 2021

Published on July 11, 2021

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then you are bound to find yourself at odds with the sun. While sunscreen can help, providing some shade for your face and neck can not only prevent sunburn and skin damage but increase comfort and make whatever activity you are doing all the better. Fortunately, all you need for that is a good sun hat.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Sun Hats for Men of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Best Sun Hats for Men

When it comes to finding a good sun hat, you have to consider what a sun hat needs to do. Mainly, it needs to protect more than your face, and it needs to do that effectively without being a nuisance. Therefore, when choosing the best sun hats for me, the following things were taken into consideration:

  • Sun Protection: How well a sun hat protects you from the sun depends on a few different things. First is the amount of protection it provides to the area it covers, while the other thing is how large an area it covers. A great sun hat needs to cover a large enough area to be effective and provide sufficient protection.
  • Comfort: There is no reason for a sun hat not to be comfortable, especially since it is more useful to those that need to wear it for longer periods. Moreover, since the brims are large on sun hats, it is quite important that they are designed to be as comfortable as they are effective.
  • Breathability: While a great sun hat needs to protect you from as many UV rays as possible, there is also a need for there to be significant ventilation. While not every sun hat has this quality, those that do often provide more comfort at the cost of very little protection due to the mesh panels they employ.

There are other things that were considered as well, such as how well they fit and the adjustments that can be made. Even things like the material were considered when choosing the best sun hats.

The 7 of Best Sun Hats of 2021

Even if you use sunscreen, there is a chance that you can get burnt, and there are few places where that is as painful as the head. Moreover, even if you do not get burned, having to deal with the sun beaming down on your face and in your eyes can be tiresome. Luckily, the sun hats on the list below will make those worries unnecessary.


While there are many sun hats out there, the one featured here from EINSKEY stands out because of how much the brand thought about the wearer. The wide brim comes in at around four inches and is angled downward, providing ample shade for your face. Moreover, the material used is 100% polyester, which is waterproof and blocks the sun.

The EINSKEY sun hat is meant for head circumferences between 22 and 24 inches, and it includes an adjustable elastic drawstring at the rear. There is also a chin cord to keep it in place on windy days. Aside from these things, this sun hat includes mesh side vents to keep you cool and a sweatband to remove sweat from the eyes and face.

  • It is made from 100% polyester
  • The design makes it easy to wear
  • There is a built-in sweatband
  • It fits most adult heads
  • The brim is wide enough to provide great protection

  • The ventilation is only so effective
  • The top of the hat is a bit thin

Obling Sun Hat

If you are looking for something lightweight and comfortable, the Obling sun hat is a great choice. It is made from 100% cotton, and it is designed to give you a comfortable experience in almost any situation. Aiding in the pursuit of comfort is the rear adjustable drawstring and the chin strap, which make sure the fit is as snug as you like.

The Obling sun hat also has a wide brim that is around 3.2 inches, allowing it to keep the sun at bay without getting in the way. In fact, it blocks plenty of UV rays. Of course, there is a balance between protection and comfort, with this sun hat having ample mesh panels to ensure that your head stays ventilated and cool.

  • It is made out of lightweight and comfortable cotton
  • There is a rear adjustable drawstring and chin strap
  • The mesh panels make it breathable
  • It blocks a majority of UV rays
  • The brim can be buttoned to make it more manageable

  • Ironing out the wrinkles they come with can be difficult
  • It is not the best choice for large heads

Cooltto Wide Brim Sun Hat

There are few brims as wide as the one on this Cooltto sun hat, which has a brim that is around 4.7 inches wide. The brim is not only wide, though. It also provides ample protection from UV rays since the nylon material of the hat gives 50 UPF. The material is water-resistant as well, making it a great choice for a variety of environments.

This sun hat also has a good deal of breathability, with the mesh panels allowing good ventilation and keeping your head cool. The top of the hat can even be removed entirely to allow for even more ventilation. On top of that, the brim can be snapped into the side of the hat to make it more manageable, turning the full brim into a cowboy-style brim.

  • It provides a large brim for maximum protection
  • The material is water-resistant and provides 50 UPF
  • It has a lot of breathability and options for more
  • The brim can be snapped into place to change styles
  • It is lightweight and easy to pack away

  • The way they package the hat leaves a large crease in the brim
  • The brim could be stiffer

HLLMAN Super Wide Brim Sun Hat

If you want to take the size of your sun hat to the next level, you can turn to HLLMAN. Their super wide brim sun hat has a width of 5.7 inches, and even the size of the cap itself is large, meaning it fits on most heads. Moreover, the hat is made out of nylon, so you can trust it to be both water-resistant and good at protecting you from UV rays.

This hat also comes with a rear drawstring and chin strap to help you keep it nice and secure. Additionally, it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It is even easy to take care of, with the material making it washable and stain-resistant. If you do happen to have a problem with creasing, though, you can steam it back into shape without trouble.

  • The brim shades a large area
  • It fits on most adult head sizes
  • It provides water and UV protection
  • The material makes it lightweight and easy to maintain
  • It has a rear drawstring and a chin strap

  • The internal headband does not absorb sweat well
  • It is not the most comfortable option

Home Prefer Mens UPF 50+ Sun Protection Cap

When it comes to the Home Prefer sun hat featured here, there is a lot to love, and it all starts with the numerous color choices you get, which borders on 15 different colors. Of course, there is more to it than that, with the hat being made from 100% polyester and having UPF 50+ being high on the list of great features present with this hat.

The polyester material also means it is lightweight, water-resistant, and quick-drying, which are all great perks. Moreover, the brim and back flap provides ample coverage, and the multiple mesh vents ensure you enjoy this protection in comfort. There is even a chin strap that can be adjusted or removed to give you versatility and security.

  • There are nearly 15 color choices
  • The material is lightweight, water-resistant, and quick-drying
  • The brim and back flap serve as great protection against UV rays
  • It has many mesh vents for cooling and comfort
  • You can adjust or remove the chin strap

  • The back flap cannot be removed
  • The chin strap is secured by plastic fittings

GearTOP Fishing Hat and Safari Cap with Sun Protection

There are a lot of great sun hats, but GearTOP makes one of the best. The material they use is 100% polyester, which offers a number of benefits, including being water-resistant and quick to dry. The hat also provides UPF 50+ protection, keeping harmful UV rays from damaging your skin. Plus, the 3.7-inch brim gives a lot of shade.

Another great quality of this sun hat is how adjustable it is. There is an adjustable drawcord on the back and an adjustable chin strap on the front. In addition, the brim is stiff enough to be flipped up in the front, while there are snaps on the side to hold the sides of the brim up. On top of all of this, it even has mesh ventilation for added comfort.

  • The material is 100% polyester
  • It provides UPF 50+ protection
  • It can be adjusted in a number of ways
  • The brim has a good stiffness
  • There is adequate mesh ventilation

  • It does not have a great internal sweatband
  • There is not much leeway for head size

SUN CUBE Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap

The last sun hat on this list is unique in the sense that it provides plenty of protection upfront but focuses even more heavily on protecting the back of the neck. In fact, while the width of the brim is around four inches, the back flap goes much further, reaching 8.5 inches and thus protecting the entirety of the back and sides of the neck.

The material used for this sun hat is great as well, with it being made of quick-dry nylon. The nylon material also keeps it lightweight, while the mesh ventilation makes it breathable and comfortable. Moreover, it fits most heads, having a circumference of around 24 inches and including both an adjustable cord and a chin strap.

  • It gives ample protection from UV rays
  • The neck flap protects the back and sides of the neck
  • The material is lightweight and quick to dry
  • It fits most head sizes
  • It is easy to adjust

  • The neck flap is not adjustable
  • The size is less convenient than other sun hats

How to Shop for a Sun Hats For Men

When it comes to buying a sun hat, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. After all, while the ultimate goal is for it to protect you from the sun, things like comfort and appearance still matter. So, when you are shopping for sun hats, make sure to consider these things:

  • Size: The most basic thing to figure out is what size hat you need. Size refers to a few things, though, starting with the brim width. Since sun hats have larger brings that go around the entirety of the hat, you need to make sure it will be an appropriate size. You also need to consider head size and whether it will fit.
  • Comfort: The first step to comfort is the above, which is buying a hat that is the right size. It also means finding a hat that provides a balanced mix of protection and ventilation. You might also want to consider how good the sweatband is and whether things like the chin strap can be easily adjusted.
  • Coverage: The largest part of coverage will be the brim, which is also important due to the size. However, some sun hats have things like neck flaps to provide even more protection to key areas. Therefore, you should always consider the overall coverage of the sun hat that you are looking at.

There are other things you should consider as well, such as what colors are available and whether the ventilation is placed in a way that will still allow for adequate protection. Some sun hats even have removable tops to provide a choice between protection and comfort. All of these things need to be considered when choosing a sun hat.

In Conclusion 

It can be difficult to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays, and it only gets worse if you have to spend a large portion of your day unprotected. However, a sun hat provides a simple, low-cost solution that allows you to protect yourself and be more comfortable at the same time.

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