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Major Movies We May Actually See This Summer

The CEO of AMC Theaters is confident audiences will be enjoying summer movies this summer from the comfort of their theaters, not their homes. It’s possible, but as of now, most studios have pulled their major releases from the calendar. Paramount, for example, just delayed the release of June’s Top Gun: Maverick to Christmas. Now the question is, if theaters open up, what can they show? 

Remaining Titles

Not all studios have pushed their biggest movies of the summer to the fall. A few got moved back later in the summer, like Wonder Woman 1984. Warner Bros. is still keeping their next next Christopher Nolan movie in July as well. There’s still a wide range of major titles still coming out.

Here’s a schedule for all the major releases coming up the next few months: 

May 29

Artemis Fowl

The adaptation of the hit YA fantasy series already has fans scratching their heads. The young titular protagonist is no hero, and yet he looks like a hero in the trailer. The CG-fest doesn’t look promising, either, but it’s directed by Kenneth Branagh. There’s hope there. 

June 12


Now, here’s a summer movie with some promise. The Jordan Peele-produced horror movie looks like a far above average horror movie. The trailer was packed with promise. 

June 19


Pixar’s new movie is about a jazz musician. Pixar has been hit and miss the last ten years or so, but Soul sounds like another one of the animated studio’s more heartfelt stories. 

The King of Staten Island 

Judd Apatow’s Pete Davidson movie, which was originally going to premiere at South by Southwest. Buzz is good for this comedy, which in typical Apatow fashion, runs long at two hours and 16 minutes. Audiences always complain Apatow’s movies are too short, so that makes sense. 

July 3

Free Guy 

Ryan Reynolds is living and fighting for his life in a video game. We couldn’t make this up. Reynolds stars in the action-comedy about a background character in a video game gaining individuality. 

July 10

Untitled Purge 

Yup. Another Purge movie. The Blumhouse franchise just won’t stop. There’s only one serious good film in the franchise, but audiences eat these gross movies up. 

July 17

Bob’s Burgers 

The hit Fox comedy is coming to the big screens. Will it have as much success as The Simpsons Movie? It doesn’t have to, but people adore this half-hour comedy. It wouldn’t be surprising if Bob’s Burgers was one of the major hits of the summer. 


Warner Bros. and Nolan are adamant about releasing the sci-fi action thriller in theaters this summer. The trailer had Inception written all over it, but Nolan typically doesn’t repeat himself too much. He likes what he likes, clearly, but Tenent is the one of the key event movies of the summer. 

July 24

Jungle Cruise 

Disney’s adventure movie based on one of their oldest theme park attractions, which recently sank with park visitors onboard. The movie looks like a total cartoon, but with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s charisma, maybe it’ll be the exact sort of popcorn movie audiences will crave by summer to turn their brains off and forget their troubles for two hours. 

July 31

SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run 

Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar 

August 7

Empty Man 


August 14

Wonder Woman 1984 

The One and Only Ivan 


August 21

Let Him Go

Bill & Ted Face the Music 

The long-awaited sequel sees the return of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as the two lovable time travelers all grown up. Now, here’s the event movie of the summer. 

August 28

Hitman’s Bodyguard Part 2 


Monster Hunter

Sept 4

The Beatles: Get Back 

Monster Hunter 

A Quiet Place Part II 

Schedules Change

Apparently, studios are flexible with some of their release date changes. Studio insiders have said if theaters are back up and running by May, we could see some postponed major releases moved back to summer. Disney’s Mulan, for example, is still without a release date. Maybe, just maybe Disney is saving it for the summer.