Apparently, the Unreleased Version of 'Suicide Squad' is "Awesome"

Published on May 25, 2020

Suicide Squad was a movie torn apart and stitched together with laffy taffy in the editing room. The DC supervillains movie is a garish mess with no flow, an obnoxious sense of humor, and some of the ugliest CGI in a modern major motion picture. It’s a bad movie. The movie has its comic book fans, though, who now want to see director David Ayer’s director’s cut released in the world. 


Last week, DC Comics fans had their dreams validated of seeing the four-hour director’s cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Way to dream big with your lives, guys. They spent years petitioning and clamoring for it, plus raising money for a good cause, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Now, Snyder’s cut of his movie is coming to HBO Max next year. Following the news, DC fans are turning their attention, time, and efforts to Suicide Squad.

What Happened to Suicide Squad?

There were many, many versions of Suicide Squad before it reached theaters. That’s true for almost every major studio movie, but especially true of Suicide Squad. Some versions of the movie were allegedly as terrible as the theatrical cut. Then again, other cuts of the movie were signifigant improvements. There is definitely an improved version of Suicide Squad out there, including loads of never-before-seen footage of Jared Leto as the most loathed Joker. 

David Ayer Wants to Release It Too

David Ayer is a good filmmaker responsible for a few bad major motion pictures, such as Suicide Squad and Bright. The rest of his filmography, including Fury, Street Kings, and End of Watch, are rock solid thrillers.

As the director has said in the past, his version of Suicide Squad was not the movie people saw in theaters. When asked on Twitter about his cut of the movie ever seeing the light of day on HBO Max, the director responded:

That is a good question. My cut would be easy to complete. It would be incredibly cathartic for me. It’s exhausting getting your ass kicked for a film that got the Edward Scissorhands treatment. The film I made has never been seen. 

While Warner Bros. did release a still-awful extended cut of Suicide Squad on home video, it still wasn’t Ayer’s version. 

We’re Curious

Now, it’s hard to generate any major excitement about seeing a new version of Suicide Squad. It’s not like it has flashes of greatness, except for the always charismatic Will Smith and Margot Robbie. There’s a lot of work to be done to get The Suicide Squad in presentable shape, but it wouldn’t requite a lot of money.

Warner Bros. is spending between $20-$30 million finishing Zack Snyder’s vision of Justice League, while Ayer’s for Suicide Squad would be far less expensive to complete. There’s not a whole of unfinished visual effects in Ayer’s cut. Again, we did hear from someone who thought the theatrical cut was terrible that another unfinished cut or two were, as he put it, “awesome.” What’s the harm of releasing it, right? It’s a win for a director and a win for fans of the movie.

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