Style Fashion Week at Art-Basel Miami and the Prep for Music’s Next Big Reveal

Published on November 10, 2018

Everyone is wondering when the next shift in the music business is going to be.

Now, we have one glimpse of that future. We caught up with Lee Kerzner, President of Style Fashion Week on its latest integration with music platform, Vezt. Vezt, of course, is the new platform that allows people to invest in some of their favorite songs — or new songs from Indie artists — as long as they’re already released on Spotify- while holding equity in the songs they invest in.

In NYC I was there to witness the dream situation for every performing and recording artist starting to unfold as I watched recording artists performing on stage while the models were walking the runway, interacting with artists. It was a really incredible thing to take in — just this huge stage fully immersed with a video display backdrop lined with different visual artists showing works like Abstract Miami, who will also showing at several events during and before Art Basel.

I, for one, can’t wait for Art Basel – Miami, where Kerzner will showcase the latest from Style Fashion Week. From the intersection of fashion entertainment and tech news I caught up with Kerzner to get a sneak peek into what we chatted about with Lee Kerzner president of style fashion week in NYC.

Grit Daily: What got you into fashion?

Lee Kerzner: My amazing wife Veronica got me into producing large scale high production fashion shows. I had done a few in the past but doing multiple back to back was really her brain child for us.

We were always producing major events. We were always producing high-profile, high-net-worth events. Exclusive celebrity driven events. Whether it was in Manhattan, The Hamptons, Miami, or Los Angeles.

But we realized that our clients didn’t really have anywhere to really showcase their brands correctly and it was just at a pivotal time when IMG had pulled out of Los Angeles. We decided that Style Fashion Week would be a beautiful platform to help bring new and emerging brands — as well as large brands to the forefront of the industry.

Little did we know seven years ago that we would be in this position today where we’re putting on events at Madison Square Garden, The Intrepid, The Pacific Design Center.

We’re reaching billions of people a year. It’s been an exciting, exciting trip.

Grit Daily: How did you start working with Vezt?

Lee: We have some good friends that are the owners of Vezt. They came to us and said: “We want to do this with you” and we said, “Let’s go!”

So it just kinda just all made sense. They were looking for a strategy to integrate their platform into a young, cool hip entrepreneurial-music, fashion-art platform and it just made sense. This is what we do, this is what we have, and our demographics just fit perfectly.

Grit Daily: Awesome, what would you say is your favorite thing about putting on Fashion Week?

Lee: Hearing people talking about how amazing the event is —  having no clue that this is my event.

Watching — and that’s the first part, my own little thing. But what I really love about style fashion week and doing this; is not only have I met some of the most amazing people in my life on this journey, but I’ve been able to help new and emerging brands achieve their goals in ways that they couldn’t even imagine were possible, and the fact that we are the driving force behind it. These people that we’ve touched over the years have so much loyalty to us, and see so much potential in what we’re building that it touches my heart it really does.

Grit Daily: Another question, Could you tell me who some of the different performers were tonight?

Lee: Tonight we had Chloe Mags perform, as well as the gentleman who won a grammy for singing with Santana for singing Maria Maria, Marvin Moore. He’s off the charts, He’s got it going on.

I think that we’re at a point where Chloe Mags tonight is going to sign a multi million dollar deal in the next couple weeks with a major label,  its because of her talent, but we’re showcasing her to the label tonight to label in order to make that deal a reality.

Grit Daily: Oh wow that’s amazing! So, you make people’s dreams come true essentially?! The Dream Maker!

Lee: That’s it! I try!

Grit Daily:  That’s a beautiful thing right there! Alright cool. We dig that. Question: the second round tomorrow, is it the same lineup?

Lee: Different designers, different artists, different everything, but I’ve got to run, its been real.

Grit Daily: It’s okay, It’s been real! Thank you so much! Chat again soon!

Tara Lea is a Contributor at GritDaily. A singer, songwriter, blockchain enthusiast, and activist, she was born and raised in New York City. Now based in Los Angeles, Lea focuses her writing on those entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations that help to make the world a better place. As a generalist, she looks to areas including tech, pop-culture, sex education, food, and travel.

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