Stranger Things Returns to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Published on March 27, 2019

It’s been a couple of years since Stranger Things has held the pop culture limelight. The second season of the show began streaming on Netflix back in 2017, and Netflix made users wait over a year and a half before the third season would come around. Now, with Stranger Things 3 on the horizon for Netflix’s summer releases, the show is gearing up for more promotion long after the release date.

Universal previously teamed up with Netflix to create a Stranger Things experience in its Hollywood and Orlando theme parks. Starting in September, guests will be able to wander through a themed maze inspired by the show’s fictional universe. This isn’t the first time Universal has created a Stranger Things experience for Halloween Horror Nights, but this time it won’t go hand in hand with the release of a new season.

Season 3

What we know so far about Stranger Things 3 is that the kids of the show are—well, no longer kids. The trailer, which Netflix released just a couple of weeks ago, has already broken streaming records online. As Netflix’s most streamed YouTube video, the trailer has now seen more than 22 million views. To give you an idea of how prolific Stranger Things has been for Netflix, last season’s trailer garnered around 19 million views on YouTube.

When Stranger Things left off last season, Hawkins, Indiana was recovering from its last encounter with the Upside Down. The kids of the show had thought they closed the portal to the alternate universe. But, as the finale would suggest, those issues will be re-addressed in Stranger Things 3. New cast members were also introduced last season, and the new trailers suggests we’ll see a lot more of them in the next season.

While previous seasons have taken place in the late fall, the new season takes place over the summer of 1985. Promotional footage for the new season introduces new locations like the local mall and a community pool. Bring on the nostalgia for a pre-digital age summer experience.

Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios is famous for its Halloween Horror Nights experience, which begins every year around September. A continuing partnership with Netflix will see new Stranger Things installments in this years’ Halloween Horror Nights events. A maze, created by the show’s producers, will breathe new life into the series and offer an exclusive perspective.

Past Stranger Things-themed installments in the theme parks have seen walkthrough experiences of famous sets within the show. Guests could walk through Will’s house, the forests around Hawkins, and even encounter the monsters of the Upside Down throughout the maze. The themed maze will be updated to fit the most recent season in the series.

The new maze is said to pick up where previous installments have ended at, similarly to the way the series works. The new season of Stranger Things will start streaming on Netflix on July 4, to mimic the timeline of the show as it takes place over the middle of the summer. The Stranger Things experience will return to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in mid-September. The opening dates for each parks’ events differ, and guests can check out when Halloween Horror Nights begins on the Universal website.

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