How Steve Abrams’ Creative Background Sets the Scene for Unforgettable Real Estate Experiences

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 9, 2024

Many professionals claim to be creative, but all they often mean is they think outside the box within the confines of their job. As a buyer and seller, you want more than that: an individual with real-world experience who can elevate your real estate goals to new heights. For one Chicago Realtor, time spent around the stage is fundamental to orchestrating the perfect outcome for his clients.

Steve Abrams, a Real Estate Advisor and Broker at eXp Realty, takes a refreshingly vibrant approach to his profession. Despite being born in Boston, he’s spent three decades living in Chicago, entering its real estate scene almost ten years ago. But his life before the ‘people business’ is the secret ingredient behind his success.

“Before diving into real estate, I was (and still am) a mover and shaker in Chicago’s arts scene,” he explains. “I know how to turn a space into something extraordinary, whether it’s a dream home or an unforgettable event.”

But what facets of this unconventional background have manifested in Steve Abrams’ real estate career, and how is it helping his clients buy and sell property in Chicago? eXp Realty’s creative tour-de-force reveals all:

Innately innovative

Real estate agents commonly treat innovation as a buzzword, shorthand for having an Instagram account. But avant-garde thinking goes to real estate’s core. It’s a problem-solving profession, and you want the most inspired solution-maker at your service when your dream home is on the line.

“Being a successful producer of huge-scale events, festivals, and performances has given me a unique skill set of detailed market expertise coupled with skills and talent,” Steve says. 

He also thrives under pressure, which makes him a pivotal asset in Chicago. Like the atmosphere before a high-stakes theatrical performance, the volatile real estate market requires an experienced presence to weave a path forward.

Steve’s game-changers are his industry knowledge, skills, and long-standing ability to balance competing interests. Each translates seamlessly from backstage to front-of-house, while eXp Realty’s cutting-edge technology fuels his tenacity, insight, and strategic vision.

Comprehensively connected

A unique approach can only take a property professional so far. To be the best real estate agent in Chicago, they need various other experts to meet their client’s needs.

Yet, for Steve Abrams, it’s about ensuring he is the key that unlocks a buyer’s dreams or a seller’s goals. His global network means his clients only have to rely on one person: Steve. It just helps when his contacts are wide-ranging and renowned in their domain.

“I take care of essentially everything and create a smooth, fun, and stress-free environment that gets clients the best pricing possible,” the eXp Realty Broker illustrates. “As someone who has had a successful career in activating spaces through live performances, high-profile events, and mind-blowing experiences, I do the same with my clients.”

Certifiably credentialed

Having walked the walk in the art world, Steve Abrams stays at peak performance in real estate, too. He’s recognized by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor, providing a solid foundation for his creativity.

But like his client philosophy, Steve’s professional development plays to the tune of others. He’s a certified mentor within eXp Realty, broadening his horizons and enabling some of the company’s 90,000 agents to benefit from his way of thinking. As in all aspects of Steve’s life, experiences blend into each other to form a fully-fledged one-stop shop for real estate know-how.

When the curtain drops and his clients reach the closing table, three qualities define Steve Abrams’ prosperous partnerships: strategy, insight, and tenacity. Whether he’s dreaming up the next blockbuster event in Chicago or helping buyers and sellers achieve their Chicagoland dreams, his philosophy is worldly and unwavering.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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