Startup Businesses Fight to Stand Out Against Spam Callers

By Brian Wallace Brian Wallace has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on July 4, 2021

Most phone calls in the United States are unsolicited spam. Americans are the 8th most spammed population in the world, receiving at least 175 million robocalls per day. Spam calls are a nuisance for everyone but can have serious financial consequences for vulnerable people. Americans lost $10 billion to phone scams in 2020 alone, but a new caller authentication framework known as STIR/SHAKEN is making life harder for scammers.

Spam is not just a consumer problem. Reputable businesses are being crushed by spoofing, which is theft of a phone number for fraudulent purposes. Scammers spoof real business phone numbers to produce more convincing spam, and permanently tarnish the reputation of that business phone number. Because of spoofing, thousands of legitimate business calls daily are incorrectly flagged  as spam by phone carrier algorithms.

STIR/SHAKEN Stops Spam Without Slowing Business

Something is being done to stop spam. Introducing the STIR/SHAKEN, the new set of regulations designed to combat robocalls. In March 2020, the TRACED Act became law across the country.  The law requires voice providers to mitigate robocalls. STIR/SHAKEN regulations on caller ID authentication to combat spoofing and robocalls began in June 2021. All service providers are required to follow the new standards.

This is how the new system works. When a business places an outbound call the phone carrier sends their number into a system for authentication where it can be given one of three ratings: A when the customer and their number are fully verified; B when the customer is verified but their number is not; C  when the call origination number could not be authenticated. With a rating attached to the call, caller ID can show if a caller is verified or likely spam.

Spoofed numbers are instantly traceable, legitimate businesses can be verified when they call, and consumers know which calls to answer. To further reduce mislabeling legitimate business calls as spam, a company can submit their FFC profile for accreditation, avoid using their number for unverified purposes, and rotate their numbers in use to reduce volume per number.

There is help for businesses navigating sales calls in the new age. Cloud-based power dialers fully support compliance with STIR/SHAKEN and boost calling efficiency without sacrificing customer experience and put in work to establish trust. With no complicated setup, upfront fees, or ongoing contracts, getting started is easy and efficient. Together with STIR/SHAKEN, businesses can call with confidence.

STIR/SHAKEN Is Changing The Future Of Phone Calls

By Brian Wallace Brian Wallace has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brian Wallace is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and podcast host. He is the Founder and President of NowSourcing and has been featured in Forbes, TIME, and The New York Times. Brian previously wrote for Mashable and currently writes for Hacker Noon, CMSWire, Business 2 Community, and more. His Next Action podcast features entrepreneurs trying to get to the next level. Brian also hosts #LinkedInLocal events all over the country, promoting the use of LinkedIn among professionals wanting to grow their careers.

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