Standing Out in the New Era of Job Searching

By Ty Peck
Published on February 1, 2024

The rules of the job search game have fundamentally changed. With more candidates than ever applying to open roles and companies prioritizing cultural fit, you can no longer expect your resume alone to clinch an offer for your dream job. As the founder of the career-matching platform Business Draft, I’ve helped countless professionals land rewarding positions by equipping them to showcase the entirety of their personal brand – not just credentials on paper. 

Today’s convoluted, noisy job search landscape presents new obstacles but also new opportunities if you have the right strategy. Here are three issues plaguing candidates’ efforts today, along with my tips to overcome them:

Problem: Getting Lost in the Shuffle

With some roles attracting upwards of 500 applicants, candidates struggle to ever catch a hiring manager’s eye. Even stellar qualifications may not distinguish you enough these days. 

Solution: Bring Your Whole Self to the Surface 

Rather than compete solely on skills and experience listed on your resume, share the richness behind your career progression through storytelling. Platforms like Business Draft empower you to incorporate personal videos and project spotlights so recruiters instantly understand your talents and zeal for making an impact. Highlight achievements as well as challenges you overcame to reveal resilience. Differentiate yourself through the personality, creativity, and convictions shining through your content.

Problem: Coming Across One-Dimensional

Hiring managers have mere seconds to decide if you warrant an interview or not when scanning online profiles and submitted resumes. Details about niche technical abilities or disjointed bullets about previous roles often fail to convey the value you offer.

Solution: Strategically Curate Your Personal Brand Image

Beyond specific hard skills or credentials, organizations today seek cultural contributors who align with their missions and work styles. That means consciously curating profiles, resumes, and pitches around central themes that illustrate your values and workplace energy. This entails expanding on experiences through storytelling to showcase how leadership skills were honed or how initiatives connect to personal passions for lifting up communities or creating innovation. Share these intentionally woven narratives repeatedly across all candidate touchpoints. 

Problem: Minimal Visibility to Decision Makers

Getting onto the radar of hiring managers already inundated with applicants often seems near impossible without existing insider connections. Likewise, if nobody in your network refers you, landing initial interviews depends almost entirely on luck.

Solution: Expand Your Brand Visibility & Community

Building online visibility and community increases the likelihood of surfacing relevant opportunities through referrals or direct outreach from potential employers. Take advantage of digital channels facilitating exposure to those that can propel your candidacy forward. Combine this with in-person networking at industry events or through warm informational interviews. 

Today’s convoluted, noisy job search landscape presents new obstacles but also new opportunities if you have the right strategy. The companies I hear from most often seek professionals who intentionally craft and share cohesive stories – not just isolated qualifications. Take control of conveying the entirety of your abilities while injecting creativity and transparency. This necessary legwork is how you will ultimately land in environments where you can thrive both personally and professionally long-term.

By Ty Peck

Ty Peck is a Grit Daily contributor and the CEO and co-founder of Business Draft, an advanced, dual-sided hiring solution for matching job candidates to employment opportunities.

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