The Seven Best Spray Bottles of 2022

Published on July 7, 2021

It seems like life hacks are all the rage nowadays. Tricks and tips to make life a little easier. So here’s a little ruffle for you. What life hack is eco-friendly, cheap, and easy to manage and clean? 

Spray bottles. 

They’re not just for cleaning anymore. 

Spray bottles are an underrated treasure in terms of versatility. You can use them for cooking, cleaning, gardening, and even for hair care or general beauty needs. Trying to make that expensive bottle of olive oil last longer? Experience that irritating experience when you pour olive oil, just wanting to use a tiny amount but a whole flood of the expensive oil comes rushing out instead? Try pouring some in a spray bottle! 

The same concept goes toward expensive hair care and beauty products. It’s very frustrating when the bottles the products come in are designed in a way where it’s hard to disperse a small amount. Spray bottles are a good way of bridging that gap and saving you money in the process.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Spray Bottle of 2022

Criteria for Choosing the Best Spray Bottle

Quality: We know nobody is looking for Prada quality when searching for a good spray bottle. However, that doesn’t mean you just want to buy the cheapest bottle around. We’ve picked bottles made of good quality materials, where the material of the bottle doesn’t affect the quality of whatever you choose to fill the said bottle with. (Nobody wants plasticity smelling cooking oils!) 

Durability: Does the spray bottle work as advertised? Does it last past a few weeks? Can you wash the bottle without it falling apart? Does it administer an even spray consistently? 

Price/Reviews: It’s always worth comparing the number of five-star reviews a product has compared to the number of one-star reviews. What is the ratio of good to bad ratings? We’re also not going for the cheapest spray bottles, but if a spray bottle is less expensive and of good quality, it’s just an added bonus! 

The 7 of Best Spray Bottle of 2022

Sally’s Organics Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles

The Sally’s Organics empty amber glass spray bottles come with leak-proof caps and adjustable nozzles for the spray nozzles. The bottle itself is made of pharmaceutical-grade amber glass that is BPA and lead-free. The Sally’s Organics spray bottles are made in the USA and currently have 25,649 reviews. 22,101 of the reviews are five-star ratings. These spray bottles have a 4.8-star rating overall and can hold up to sixteen ounces of liquid

  • You get two glass spray bottles for under twenty five dollars The spray nozzle has three different settings 
  • The spray nozzle has three different settings 
  • Comes with caps and labels 
  • Multiple reviewers said that these spray bottles were well made/good quality 
  • A reviewer said that the spray function was top-notch. 
  • Another reviewer said that they had tried all types of spray bottles and these were the ones they would definitely recommend 

  • One reviewer tried to use these spray bottles to spray an essential oil solution but it didn’t spray well even though the bottles are advertised as working well for essential oils (the reviewer did also note that the bottles sprayed water perfectly) 
  • Several reviewers said that their spray nozzles leaked/broke 
  • There were several reviewers that said that these bottles do not mist oil well at all 

The Rayson Empty Spray Bottle

The Rayson spray bottle comes in several different colors and is one hundred percent leak-proof, according to the Rayson company. The trigger spray head has an ergonomic design that is meant to make it easier to use overall and add a layer of comfort. 

This spray bottle can hold up to eight ounces of liquid. 

Currently, Rayson spray bottles have a 4.5-star rating based on an average of 17,286 global reviews. 12,765 of those ratings are five-star reviews.

  • One reviewer said that this was the best spray bottle they had ever used 
  • Both the one count and two count packages are priced very low, under ten dollars. 
  • Another reviewer said that this bottle did superbly at administering a consistent, smooth spray 
  • Another reviewer said that they were impressed by how far this bottle’s spray steam reached: they estimated that the spray went about ten feet. 
  • Other reviewers said that this bottle worked well for pet training, hand sanitizer and more 

  • One reviewer said that their spray bottle cracked within a few days 
  • One reviewer said that they liked the bottle but that the spray nozzle didn’t work 
  • Another reviewer said that their nozzle leaked every time they tried to spray water 

The Uervoton Empty Spray Bottle

The Uervoton’s sleek design is appealing in terms of sheer aesthetic quality. This bottle was designed with pre-compression technology that is supposed to enhance the power of the bottle’s spray mechanism. You can purchase this bottle in a 5.4 ounce or 10 ounces sized bottle. Either way, you’ll spend less than fifteen dollars. 

Currently, this spray bottle has a 4.7-star rating based on an average of 25,423 global reviews. 21,165 of those ratings are five-star reviews. Keep in mind that this bottle is designed as more of a mister in terms of spray capability.

  • The price for each size is extremely reasonable 
  • Several reviewers said that they loved how well this bottle worked as a mister 
  • Other reviewers said that it did deliver a continuous spray as advertised 
  • Other reviewers said that this was a great spray bottle for hair. 
  • This is a product that has been seen on Tik Tok 

  • A few reviewers said that their spray bottle has a strange smell (one reviewer said that it smelled like mildew.)
  • Another reviewer said that this bottle wasn’t good quality 
  • Another reviewer said that their bottle only actually worked about fifty percent of the time 

The Uineko Plastic Spray Bottle

Let’s face it when you think of spray bottles you more than likely pictured a design like the Umineko professional plastic spray bottle. You can get a four-pack of 24-ounce bottles or 16-ounce bottles for less than fifteen dollars for either option. These bottles are chemical resistant and come with an adjustable nozzle. 

Currently, the Umineko spray bottles have a 4.5-star rating based on an average of 9,601 global reviews. 7,064 of those ratings are five-star reviews.

  • Both sizes of these bottles hold a large volume of liquid at a reasonable price
  • One reviewer appreciated that these bottles didn’t leak 
  • Another reviewer said that this spray bottle was well worth the buy 
  • Another reviewer liked how well the nozzle allowed them to adjust what type of spray they wanted

  • Two reviewers said that the nozzle necks were weak and broke easily 
  • Two reviewers said that their spray bottles leaked when they were trying to spray things 
  • Another reviewer said that their spray bottle was not durable 

The Tolco Empty Spray Bottle

The Tolco spray bottles come in packs of three for a reasonable price. Each bottle holds up to eight ounces of liquid and comes in frosted assorted colors. Currently,, the Tolco three packs have a 4.4-star rating based on an average of 13,170 global reviews. 9,366 of those reviews are five-star ratings. 

  • The price for a three pack can’t be beat
  • One reviewer said that these spray bottles are even more durable than they appear to be in pictures and even the spray nozzles were too quality 
  • Multiple reviewers said that these bottles served their purpose, meaning they could be used for cleaning, pet training, essential oils and more. 
  • Another reviewer said the bottle design was easy to hold for their arthritic hands.

  • Several reviewers said that their spray bottles didn’t work (or several in their three pack did not work) 
  • Several reviewers said that their bottles broke too easily 
  • Several reviewers said that it took months to get their spray bottles 

The Driew Plant Mister Spray Bottle

It’s a lean, green, ten-ounce misting machine. All jokes aside, the Driew spray bottle can be used to mist plants with water or you can use it for house cleaning, hairdressing, and more. This bottle is eco-friendly, BPA-free, and is made from PET and PP. Another nice feature about this bottle is that it’s designed with a safety buckle and a threaded neck, which prevents liquid leaks. Keep in mind that the spray that comes out of this bottle is a mist. 

  • This product currently has a 4.5 star rating based off of 7,587 global reviews. 6,021 of those ratings are five star reviews. 
  • Multiple reviewers said that this bottle did exactly as advertised and administered a fine mist for their needs
  • Another reviewer said that they loved their spray bottle and wanted to buy more 
  • The price is less than fifteen dollars

  • One reviewer said that their spray bottle broke after two months 
  • Another reviewer said that it didn’t work consistently 
  • Several other reviewers said that their bottles stopped working very quickly after they started using it (within a few weeks to a few months) 

The Harris Professional Spray Bottle

Rounding out our list are the Harris professional spray bottles. You can get them in a two or three-pack. Each bottle is made from chemical-resistant plastic and comes with an adjustable nozzle, an extended trigger sprayer, a pressurized spring mechanism, and measurements. Each bottle holds up to 32 ounces of liquid. (Important note from the manufacturer: “If using with chemicals, follow instructions on the original container. Do not use with chlorinated solvent, paints, or liquids that harden or congeal or with combustibles or any material that may pose a health hazard if sprayed.”) 

Currently, these bottles have a 4.5-star rating based on an average of 3,778 global reviews. 2,713 of those reviews are five-star ratings. 

  • Both the two pack and three packs are extremely reasonably priced for the size of bottles you get 
  • One reviewer had a glowing review of this spray bottle, saying it was extremely durable and the spray nozzle worked very well 
  • Another reviewer said that they appreciated how these bottles didn’t clog up from mixtures other than water (they had put a mixture of tea tree oil, mint oil and cayenne pepper in their bottle) 
  • Another reviewer said that these spray bottles were superior in their opinion 

  • One reviewer said that everything on the bottle was good except the spray trigger, thus making the product impossible to use 
  • Another reviewer said that only one of their bottles in their three pack worked 
  • Several reviewers said that the caps broke after a few months 

In Conclusion 

We hope you found this list beneficial. To sum it up, you ideally want a bottle with versatile spray options and one that is made with durable materials. You don’t want a leaking bottle or one that doesn’t provide an adequate spray for your household needs. You should never have to break the bank buying spray bottles. Bottom line is that if the spray bottle is making your life easier, and your house, hair, or plants a bit cleaner, then it is a purchase worth your hard-earned money. 

Other Products You May Need

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