Spotify and Apple Music Both Announce Award Shows

Published on December 4, 2019

Spotify and Apple Music are adding another layer to their music-streaming war. Apple Music announced the first ever Apple Music Awards just days after Spotify announced its upcoming award show.


Spotify’s award show is taking place March 5, 2020, and it will be broadcasted live from Mexico City- “the streaming capital of the world,” according to the company’s statement. Unlike other award shows, such as the American Music Awards and the Billboard Music Awards, Spotify’s winners will be determined based on user-generated data.

“Your plays, patterns, and habits will help determine the award categories, finalists, and winners, for the Spotify Awards by providing a true reflection of what fans are listening to,” Spotify said. “You can get excited for an awards ceremony that actually speaks to what the people are streaming.”

The point of the award show seems to be to encourage users to stream their favorite artists as much as possible. Doing so will only strengthen the already growing company. So, it makes sense that Apple Music would want to join in on the fun.

Apple Music

We have to wait a few months before the Spotify Awards, but Apple Music isn’t wasting any time. The company announced yesterday that the first ever Apple Music Awards will be celebrated today, Dec. 4.

“Introducing the Apple Music Awards, a celebration of the best and boldest musicians of 2019 and the enormous impact they have had on global culture this year,” Apple Music said in a statement. “The Apple Music Awards honor achievements in music across five distinct categories and winners are chosen through a process that reflects the service’s editorial perspective, combined with what customers around the world are loving most.”

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music handpicked three winners, including Global Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year. The Global Artist of the Year award goes to Billie Eilish, and then her and her brother Finneas are both Songwriter of the Year. Lizzo is Apple Music’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

Apple Music said Album of the Year and Song of the Year are based on streaming data. Song of the Year is Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” and Eilish’s “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” is Apple Music’s Album of the Year.

Eilish is performing today at Apple Music’s Awards’ celebration. The event will be live streamed and is taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.

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