Some theories link the unsolved 1947 murder of actress Elizabeth Short — more famously referred to as the Black Dahlia murder — to the basement of the Sowden House.

The unmistakable neo-Mayan style house in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s son, Lloyd Wright, in 1926. It has been referred to as LA’s “Most Haunted House.”

Today, it is emerging as a cultural hub for the CBD industry in LA.

Dan Goldfarb — occasionally known as the “marijuana millionaire” — is the founder of Canna-Pet, a company that, as you may have garnered from the name, develops and sells hemp and CBD based products for pets.

The Seattle-based CBD entrepreneur purchased the Snowden House last year for $4.7 million with a vision to reinvent it as a hub for booming cannabis culture.

“I had never seen the house before, I had never been to L.A., I had never seen anything like it,” Goldfarb said to Los Angeles Magazine shortly after purchasing the property.

“When you walk into that house, whether you are 8 or 80, no matter what you’ve seen or done, it makes you take pause and be in the moment.”

The house’s one-of-a-kind architecture has been used extensively as a filming location for TV, movies, and music videos. Most recently, “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins has used the house to film her retelling of the Black Dahlia murder story in the series “I Am the Night,” starring Chris Pine and India Eisley.

Snowden House was also used for a scene in Martin Scorcese’s 2004 film “The Aviator,” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Beckinsale.

Goldfarb has embarked to create a “Cannabis Oasis” within the space — a vision that’s serviced by events, performances, and simply providing a space for creatives to utilize. The intention is to evolve the dated public perception of hemp and CBD products and modernize them to match the massive industry being built around them today.

Just last month, a study released by New York investment bank Cowen projected that the quickly emerging CBD industry will generate $16 billion of revenue by 2025. While the ambitious projection skates potential regulatory and scaling challenges, it does speak to a growing societal acceptance of marijuana-related products. Marijuana products are increasingly valued by government and business for their potential economic impact and by consumers for their recreational, health, and beauty benefits.

Sowden House still attracts an eclectic mix of events, not just CBD related ones, including fundraisers and performances.

“Even the most jaded L.A. people who have seen everything have a change of mind-set when they walk in here,” Goldfarb said in a recent New York Times interview.

Ultimately, Goldfarb’s purchase has uncovered yet another use for CBD: reviving the marred reputation of a storied LA landmark.

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