More Than 65,000 SOPHIE Fans Are Calling For A Planet To Be Named In Her Honor

Published on February 4, 2021

A viral petition is calling for scientists to name the planet TOI 1338-b after Sophie Xeon, also known as SOPHIE, the late electronic music producer and LGBTQ+ icon that tragically passed away in January while looking at the moon. Fans of the producer noticed that an artist rendition of the planet’s appearance had a similar color scheme to the cover of SOPHIE’s debut album, Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.

“I am requesting, at the discretion of the incredible scientists who discovered the planet, that TOI 1338 b be named in honor of the great LGBT+ influence, SOPHIE,” reads the viral petition. “Her fans would love to pay homage by having her name be remembered in this way and for her influence to continue to flourish for years to come,” it reads. More than 65,000 fans of the late artist had signed the petition by Thursday evening.

In the days following SOPHIE’s death, other industry names like Charli XCX, who collaborating with the late producer often, have come together to mourn SOPHIE and honor the legacy she left behind. Charli XCX shared the petition on her Twitter account on Wednesday, urging fans to sign in support of naming the planet after SOPHIE.

However, fans pointed out in the replies that the petition may be addressed to the wrong organization, and that NASA doesn’t have the ability to give common names to planets. The petition has been updated to ask that the scientists that discovered TOI 1338-b, Wolf Cukier, rename it in honor of Sophie Xeon.

SOPHIE passed away on January 30th after a tragic fall off of her home in Athens, Greece while trying to photograph the full moon. “Tragically our beautiful Sophie passed away this morning after a terrible accident. True to her spirituality she had climbed up to watch the full moon and slipped and fell,” read a statement posted on Twitter by her record label, Transgression. SOPHIE was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland but earned a name for herself within the global music industry as a producer. She came out as transgender in 2018, and quickly became one of the leading voices within LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

You can sign the petition here.


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