Softwear Marries Sustainability with Leisure Wear

Published on April 18, 2019

A new, New York-based leisurewear brand is angling to make waves in the sustainable clothing industry. Softwear, which makes leisurewear so soft — and we know because we got to touch it — is building a brand around high-quality clothing while protecting the environment.

A Quest for Sustainable Clothing

Sabrina Zohar, founder of Softwear, started the sustainable leisurewear brand after finding it a challenge to dress comfortably and maintain her sense of style while she pursued a career in the fashion industry. Soon, Zohar was on a quest to produce sustainable clothing.

Zohar soon partnered with Craig Weidhorn, a seasoned businessman from California. Weidhorn’s business expertise spans various sectors from paint sundry, solar power, food, architectural products and home goods. Currently, Weidhorn is a partner at Harp Design Co., a furniture and home goods manufacturer based in Waco, Texas.

The Softwear “brand has experienced unexpected success… and is set to potentially make a lasting impact on the sustainable apparel industry while inspiring female founders and empowering US-based businesses and environmentally and ethically-conscious consumers.” — Sabrina Zohar, founder at Softwear.

More consumers care about brands that are sustainable and have a low-carbon footprint on the planet.

After carefully researching materials and sourcing high quality fabric from California-based mills, Zohar invested $120,000 of her own funds to produce her line in the United States. Zohar admits she wanted complete control and didn’t go the venture capital route as so many startups do. In time, Zohar wanted complete autonomy when she launched her first collection.

Zohar’s research was crucial in the launch of her sustainability conscious leisurewear brand. In September 2018, Zohar’s first production run made available $200,000 worth of product at wholesale pricing. Zohar sold out of her first production and now with a few more productions under her belt, Zohar has earned nearly $500,000 in revenue within a year.

Currently, Softwear has deals with many vendors, retailers, and other businesses, including Amazon, Bloomingdales, Tracy Anderson Method, and Rumble. These retailers will expand the reach of the Softwear brand.

What’s Next

Zohar aims to stick to her goal of producing high-quaintly sustainable leisurewear made in the United States. More consumers are turning to brands who market themselves as innovative, high-quality, and sustainable.

Softwear has been featured in countless journals and magazines, like Esquire, Country Living, Men’s Journal and many more. Zohar has completed a third production so hair and is confident the risk was worth it.

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