The 6 Best Soft Coolers to Cool Your Belongings In 2023

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Published on April 6, 2023

Are you looking for something to keep your drinks cold but want to keep it light and compact? Well, say hello to the soft cooler!

A soft cooler can be your best beverage-chilling friend for picnics, kayaking, or outdoor concerts and sporting events. While hard coolers have been regaining popularity in recent years, soft coolers have also been getting a lot of attention because of their lighter weight and portability. 

What Is the Difference Between a Hard and a Soft Cooler?

The traditional hard coolers are usually more durable and have the ability to keep things cold for days, but they are bulky and difficult to transport. These coolers are designed to be carried over the shoulder or in the same way as a backpack, made of lighter material. Because less rigid construction conforms to your body without feeling awkward, there are no pressure points. Despite their portability, they are generally not available with capacities greater than 30 quarts, the number of beverages they can hold.

While some of the models we researched can keep things cold for as long as three days, soft coolers are best suited for events and activities lasting one day. Those in the smaller sizes are perfect for lunch or snacks, while those in the larger sizes will hold a cooler full of drinks to keep you and your friends hydrated. Soft coolers can also be packed in the car more easily since they adapt to the available space, in contrast to hard plastic coolers, which take up a large block of space in the middle of the back seat. Alternatively, some soft coolers can be collapsed when empty, so they take up even less space when not in use.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Right Soft Coolers

According to our extensive research, we can help you find the perfect soft cooler for your needs and budget, and right now, Amazon has some of the best deals for soft coolers. Our criteria for choosing the best ones include those that are both inexpensive and easy to carry. We also chose ones that provide efficient and durable performance, and that feature great designs. 

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best soft cooler:

The Best Soft Coolers

Lifewit Soft Cooler

Cooler bags like this one can be used for camping with lunch and a few ice packs, as well as being able to be stored in the trunk of your SUV. The multiple pockets allow storage of different items by including a wide top pocket, two side pockets, and two front pockets. Oxford cloth has been used to make the cooler bag’s exterior, making it durable. This is a service that delivers food from the grocery store, and it can be used for food delivery services as well as a solution for hauling food. It is made from 210D Oxford cloth and EPE foam for long-lasting use and to ensure a seamless connection to the lining, the lower portion of the garment uses hot pressing technology instead of traditional sewing.

  • The cooler features high-density lining
  • The cooler provides multiple pockets for storage 
  • The cooler can keep items cool for a very long time 

  • One customer reports that the cooler leaks
  • One customer reports that the cooler does not hold as many items as advertised 

BUILT Large Welded Soft Portable Cooler

A soft cooler like this Large Welded Cooler Bag is perfect for picnics, barbeques, and camping excursions. The cooler is made of durable fabric with a 1000-denier polyester core coated with a double-layer TPU coating, similar to the fabric found on whitewater rafts, making it highly resistant to punctures and abrasions. This bag is leak-proof and has an insulated interior that keeps it cool for days. Insulation on the sides of this cooler helps keep the cold and the heat away. Ice can be stored inside, or 10 lbs of ice can be stored with 18 cans while the wide, roll-top opening makes filling and emptying simple and convenient. You can easily haul 30 lb of ice or drinks with a large, comfortable shoulder strap and reinforced side handles! Furthermore, this cooler features an integrated bottle opener that you won’t lose since it is stitched on the front.

  • The cooler features freeze lock insulation 
  • The cooler is BPA-free and FDA-food safe 
  • The cooler provides an exterior tough shell 

  • One customer reports that the ice melts fast inside the cooler 
  • One customer reports that the trim sewing comes off pretty easily

YETI Hopper Flip 12 Portable Soft Cooler

This YETI portable soft cooler is the only cooler that’s a match for a full day in the trees, a duck boat, long road trips, or hopping on a boat. The Hopper Flip 12 cooler is insulated with ColdCell Insulation, eliminating leaks and holding up to 12 cans plus ice. It’s designed with a 100% leakproof HydroLok Zipper and high-density fabric resistant to punctures and ultraviolet rays. The DryHide Shell protects against water and punctures and is resistant to abrasions, meaning it will hold up even when exposed to the hazards of the wilderness. 

  • The cooler provides a nice design
  • The cooler provides a leakproof zipper 
  • The cooler offers far-superior insulation

  • One customer reports that the price is not worth its value

TOURIT Soft Cooler Bag

This soft cooler is one of our personal favorites. A combination of high-density insulation and water-proofing materials allows the main compartment to keep food and drinks cool for up to 12 hours! With this, you can easily separate liquids from dry food with the two sections that are insulated. In the interior, PEVA is used, which is high-quality and waterproof and is made in the form of a high-frequency material. Featured on the exterior is high-density Oxford cloth that is firm and wear-resistant, not easily torn. The bag is equipped with a padded handle and a detachable shoulder strap, allowing three methods of carrying, by hand, with the shoulder strap, or on the back. Whether you’re traveling or attending school, it is an ideal companion for storing cool lunches, snacks, and drinks.

  • The cooler is easy to clean
  • The price is worth its value 
  • The cooler provides an everlasting cooling time 

  • One customer reports that the cooler is not leakproof 
  • One customer reports that the cooler is not as structured as advertised 

Creative Green Life Jumbo Insulated Cooler Bag

This cooler bag can handle large food and beverage loads, as its soft-sided flexibility makes it ideal for shopping and travel. This water-resistant bag is made of high-quality polyester, waterproof material on the bottom, thermal foam inside, insulated lining, and keeps you cool for at least eight hours. Every pick-up point is reinforced and easy to attach almost any item to the hitch point grip. Each compartment is insulated and has an additional pocket. With its leakproof interior liner and heat-welded seams, this totally-enclosed structure provides superior cold retention to ordinary soft coolers. It can be used for a variety of occasions, such as travel, picnics, fishing, parties, camping, and boating.

  • The price is worth its value
  • The cooler provides heavy insulation 
  • The cooler provides a thoughtful design 

  • One customer reports that the cooler leaked after the first time of usage

IceMule Classic Large 20L Blue Soft Cooler 

The soft-sided cooler bag makes your next beach day, hike, or picnic even better, as it’s designed for high-quality and portable performance. The lightweight backpack-style cooler features a padded and ventilated sling strap so you can use both arms while grabbing your fishing pole, surfboard, or whatever else you need. The roll-top design is accessible and lets you load up and find what you need easily, as the cooler rolls up for easy storage when not in use or on the way to the destination. Its PolarLayer Insulation guarantees strength, quality, superior ice retention, and ice-like temperatures for up to two days with Muleskin Exterior and Interior. This cooler does not leak from welded seams or zipper-less closure, which makes it waterproof.

  • Water Resistant
  • 24+ Hours of Ice
  • The cooler features an easy-access interior
  • The cooler provides an easy, hands-free carry

  • Some problems with the clip on the shoulder strap

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ve found the best soft cooler to suit your needs. Those soft coolers kept our provisions cold and kept us in the know on day trips, weekend adventures, road trips, or errand runs. The soft coolers in this guide are designed to provide sufficient cooling for an array of recreation requirements in a variety of weather conditions. So, go ahead and get yours today!

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