Five Musicians to Follow On Social Media Right Now

Published on April 3, 2020

Artists all over the world are keeping people entertained and a little less lonely right now through the power of social media. While some celebrities have released tone def and cringe-inducing videos and reactions, like the deeply uncomfortable “Imagine” video, most musicians are keeping it cool. There’s a long list of who to follow on social media right now to consume good content and warm feelings when we need them most, but here are a few of our own personal recommendations: 

Erykah Badu 

If you aren’t following Erykah Badu on social media already, what are you doing with your life? Her Instagram posts and tweets alone are art pieces. Badu is living, breathing art. She’s also a great advocate for freedom of speech and individuality. Needless to say, we love her and her social media game.

While Badu hasn’t released a new album in years, she puts out art practically daily on her Instagram account. She never stops creating. Join her for her journey.

Lately, she’s been performing $2 shows online with money going to charity. They’re loose, relaxing, and full of laughs from Badu. She’s as hilarious as she is artful. Badu is also promoting on social media her new goodies from Badu World Market. Any Badu fan should shop there and treat themselves.

It’s Badu’s world, we’re just living in it. 

LL Cool J

LL Cool J is the captain now. The rapper, actor, and all-around renaissance man has been such a strong force of good during these tough times. Follow him on Instagram. He does live chats, answers fan questions, and talks to people from around the country about how they’re holding up and dealing with the coronavirus.

LL Cool J is going extra miles compared to other artists. He’s really reassuring in his video chats, just reminding people how to stay productive, healthy, and smart. LL Cool J is doing a far better job than the president at spreading accurate information and keeping people as calm and cool as possible.

Paul Stanley 

The legendary frontman of Kiss is taking time off from what’s supposedly the last band’s tour. We’ll see about that, but as the highly enjoyable “final” tour remains on hold, Stanley is at home but still finding ways to connect with fans. On Youtube, Stanley is playing acoustic versions of classic Kiss songs. On top of that, he’s explaining the behind-the-scenes details about producing those songs. It’s a nice treat for any Kiss or Stanley fan. Plus, the Kiss singer is so mellow these days that his chill on-screen demeanor is a nice presence to have in your life right now. 

Sturgill Simpson 

Musician Sturgill Simpson has spent much of his career off social media. With everyone stuck inside due to the coronavirus, Simpson has finally fired up his Instagram account again to connect with fans. Rather than play mini-shows or talk music, he’s providing survival tips! Survival tips from Navy veteran and Grammy-nominated Sturgill Simpson, the man behind last year’s explosive Sound & Fury? We’re listening. Follow Simpson on Instagram, and then follow him on tour this year. 

Orville Peck

Many artists are live streaming shows right now. Mostly for free. Orville Peck is one of those people. If you have the time right now, go get lost in the magical country world of Orville Peck. He was one of the major breakout stars of last year with his already iconic look and strong as hell voice. Following his debut album, he’s built up a passionate, substantial following. Be one of those followers and check out a live show from Peck on his Instagram sometime. Even when he’s alone on his guitar, Peck is a wonder. 

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