SNL Targets Lori Loughlin and Julian Assange in Cold Open

Published on April 15, 2019

SNL took a break from using its cold open to target news outlets in order to take a jab at figures like Lori Loughlin and Julian Assange following their recent legal troubles. Loughlin, who was arrested on charges of mail fraud during the college admissions scandal, has been continuously roasted in the press for scamming her daughters into USC (of all schools). Assange, on the other hand, was arrested just days ago in London after seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy for nearly seven years.

College Admissions Scandal

The college admissions scandal rocked the country when it was outed just last month at the beginning of March. A handful of people have been charged in connection to the scandal. Parents are being accused of hiring a fraudulent service to scam their children into college. Parents, school officials at a variety of schools, sports coaches, and testing officials have been caught taking part in the scandal. Since then, celebrities like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have been—well, stressed pending their trials for the crimes they committed in effort to get their daughters into college.

Now, as Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, begin their trial dates things are heating up for whether or not the two will end up behind bars. The couple pleaded not guilty over their accused crimes in Boston’s Federal Court last Monday, according to NPR. The two are accused with paying $500,000 to get their daughters into USC by posing them as crew athletes despite the fact that neither row crew.

Loughlin was quickly fired from the Hallmark Channel following the release of the scandal. Her daughter, Olivia Jade, had accrued a successful career as an influencer during her first year at USC. Most of those brand partnerships were cancelled within days of the scandal breaking. Now, the Loughlin-Giannulli household has been quietly awaiting the trial in Boston.


Julian Assange, the founder of the website WikiLeaks, was arrested in London just last week. Authorities have been trying to get their hands on Assange for years now. WikiLeaks, the website founded by Assange in 2006 in Iceland, has been a major part of the political sphere for years now. The website operates by releasing confidential documents and sensitive government information to the public. You can read more about Assange’s arrest here.


SNL had a ball poking fun at Loughlin, who is portrayed by Kate McKinnon in the cold open. The skit imagines a reality of Loughlin in prison for her crimes. Prisoners take turns bragging about how hard they are to scare one another when Loughlin interjects that she paid $500k just to get her kid into USC, and that was before the tuition prices. Her fellow inmates gasp, announcing that she might be the scariest of all.

“I’ve seen hell,” the fake Loughlin declares when bringing up her more than extensive background on the Hallmark channel. Finally, she makes a couple of Full House jokes before declaring that she’s joined the Nation of Islam. Once that bit is over, in comes Julian Assange, who scares everyone else by announcing that he knows everyone’s email passwords. By the end of the sketch, the other prisoners are terrified of their new inmates that have committed crimes they never could have thought up.

Check out the video below:



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