The 9 Most Effective Sleep Masks You Need In 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 23, 2023

Your beauty sleep can be improved with a few minor changes to your nighttime routine. The little changes you make, like cooling down your bedroom, reading a book, or journaling, can make a huge difference in your ability to sleep. However, sometimes those things might not just be enough. It is possible to improve the quality of your sleep through changes in your bed, mattress, or pillows, but it is also important to control how much light reaches your eyes at night. This is where sleep masks come in.  

Sleeping masks today have a broad range of features that can help with everything from anxiety relief to eliminating noise. The options include those that are designed for sensitive skin, ones that are adjustable, ones with eyecups to prevent puffy eyes, among others. There are even sleep masks that let you choose the best sleeping position.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Sleep Masks

Criteria for Choosing the Best Sleep Masks

Is it good or safe to wear a sleep mask? 

Using a sleep mask increases your chance of experiencing REM sleep and reduces the time between falling asleep and reaching REM. Additionally, the study led to a reduced level of arousal and elevated levels of melatonin.

Can sleep masks cause acne?

Using sleeping masks excessively can cause irritation and obstruction of the pores. Make sure you avoid this product if you have acne-prone skin since the ingredients may be too comedogenic to use regularly.

What happens if my eyes get too blurry while wearing a sleep mask?

If you have ever woken up with blurry vision after wearing an eye mask, your mask is too tight. The vision shouldn’t be blurry for more than a day unless your vision stays blurry for more than a day. Alternatively, you can purchase a better eye mask or loosen your eye mask so that your eyes have room to breathe.

Currently, there are some nice sleep masks for sale on Amazon that are reasonably priced. Our criteria for choosing the best ones include those that do not irritate the skin and are extremely meditative. 

The 9 Best Sleep Masks

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

This sleep mask is our personal favorite! This new design is soft and easy to adjust, which ensures that it will never catch your hair and allow you to sleep in any position in which you prefer. Using the eye model design, this sleep mask offers a lot of space for free eye movement, allowing for the generation of 3D eye models. You will feel more comfortable without feeling any pressure on your face, thanks to the soft material. The nose bridge fits naturally and adjusts to the best position while wearing it, allowing you to get long, uninterrupted REM sleep every night, improve insomnia and prevent daytime drowsiness.

  • The mask is super soft
  • The mask provides a washable design 
  • The mask provides a fully adjustable buckle strap 

  • One customer reports that the mask is extremely warm 

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

Make sure your body gets the deep, restful REM sleep you need every night by adding the Jersey Slumber Luxury Sleep Mask to your nightly routine! This particular sleep mask is made of 100% silk that feels beautiful on your face, helping you achieve the best conditions for deep sleep and helping your body and mind to relax. Even the most restless sleepers will find peace and tranquility with its luxurious touch and excellent blocking of light. Designed with fully adjustable slider clasps, this is the perfect sleep accessory for everyone as the mask stays securely in place in any position, so you can comfortably fall asleep. Your makeup will stay intact due to the unique design that prevents rubbing and compressing. In addition, this strap isn’t tangly or obtrusive like other sleep masks that get tangled in your hair.

  • The price is worth its value 
  • The mask is breathable for your eyes 
  • The mask provides an adjustable soft elastic strap 

  • One customer reports that the mask is light and thin

Hochoek Silk Sleep Mask

This is one of the most beautiful and softest sleep masks you can find. It’s incredibly comfortable to sleep in because it’s made using a knitting process involving silk. Although this silk sleep mask is not black in color, it effectively blocks light. It is convenient to carry sleep masks if you travel frequently, travel on business, or nap in the car or on an airplane.

  • The price is worth its value
  • The mask is beautiful and comfortable 
  • The mask provides an adjustable strap 

  • One customer reports that the color bleeds on the mask

Yanser Luxury Silk Sleep Mask 

Here is another one of our personal favorite sleep masks. The YANSER luxury eye mask keeps your face and hair where they belong while you’re sleeping. Mulberry silk is used on both sides and filled with double layers of natural silk, not cotton. It is hypoallergenic, comfortable, and breathable. This eye mask by Yanser is made from 19mm level, 6A pure silk, which keeps the skin hydrated and reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. Yanser eye cream’s lifting and firming properties are reinforced while you sleep with a silk eye mask. With its soft and smooth texture, it blocks out even the brightest of light so that you can sleep and stay comfortable.

  • The mask is easy to take care of 
  • The mask is extremely adaptable
  • The mask is less-absorbent and breathable 

  • One customer reports that the mask is made out of polyester instead of silk

INNELO Sleep Mask

Here is another favorite. As it has a hollow nose bridge designed to prevent light from entering, this eye mask fits any type of nose, bringing you into total darkness at any time and anywhere. Unlike an ordinary sleep mask, the sleep mask has a high-density slow-recovery memory foam that is much softer, and the outer material uses a breathable fabric found on yoga clothing. As well, the lining of the jacket is made from ice silk, so you will not be sweating anymore. The stitching of the edge is kept sturdy so as not to unravel, and the eye mask is made from precise cutting and hand-sewing thread and is long-lasting and undeformed. As a result of the eye sockets being in 3D contours, there is no eye pressure, the eyelashes will not be touched, and you can easily blink with this sleep eye mask.

  • The mask is soft and breathable 
  • The mask provides no light leakage 
  • The mask is made with top handmade technology

  • One customer reports that the mask is very heavy on the face

Manta Sleep Mask

With the Manta Sleep Mask, you will get the deepest, most restorative sleep possible despite any environmental conditions. This true blackout sleep mask provides deep sleep in ANY environment & ANY position with its fully adjustable eyecups that molds your face and block 100% of light. You can blink without feeling as if you’re wearing a mask, thanks to the adjustable, extra-deep eyecups. The ultra-soft modal eyecups are constructed from breathable cotton velour and have a snag-free micro hook/microfleece closure and industrial-grade elastic. Midday nappers, travelers, night shift workers, partners of late-night TV watchers, and sensitive sleepers will love this mask.

  • The mask is adjustable
  • The mask is breathable and durable 
  • The mask provides adjustable eyecups 

  • One customer reports that the mask gets hot extremely easily

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

The only true soothing masks on the planet are made from organic silk, the softest, smoothest, and feather-light on earth, and that includes this particular silk sleep mask. Made from 100% skin-friendly mulberry silk, this mask is a natural eye relaxer and sleep aid. The dye is non-toxic, odorless, and colorfast. It is lightweight and does not weigh you down. The silky surface of the pillow helps protect the delicate facial skin around your eyes by preventing marks left by bedding, which could cause creases, wrinkles, and dark circles under your eyes. Unlike memory foam-contoured eye masks, which can disturb sleep because they trap heat, the cooling fiber of silk allows healthy oxygen to flow while keeping dry air and allergens from entering. The nose part of the glasses has a deep tear-drop shape to block out light, and the interior has an extra layer to effectively block light.

  • The mask is fully adjustable 
  • The mask helps with anti-aging
  • The mask is ideal for dry-eye sufferers 

  • One customer reports that the mask started leaking with black dye after a few weeks of usage 

Plush Sleep Eye Mask

This eye mask is perfect for the kiddos! This cute sleeping blindfold features three different styles of cartoon bunnies, a slumber party slumber cat costume, and a sleepover costume that will add more fun to your sleep at parties like pajama parties, slumber parties, and sleepovers. The cartoon night eye cover is made of plush material that is comfortable to wear and will completely relax your eyes when you sleep, preventing any pressure on your eyes. The plush eye cover is very lightweight and easy to carry, not only for home use but also for use on planes, trains, camping, tours, hotels, and anywhere else you may need; It effectively blocks out light, making it very useful for sleep.

  • The price is worth its value
  • The mask provides a lovely design
  • The mask is made out of soft materials 

  • One customer reports that there is no adjustable strap 

Kimkoo Sleep Mask

This particular sleep mask is a must-have! This sleeping mask is constructed of four layers of super-breathable materials. Those parts of the garment that are in contact with the skin are made from a super-soft modal fabric. A patented nose wing design is featured on this sleeping eye mask, while there is elastic filler in the bottom of the mask, which can be adjusted at will, making the mask very effective at blocking light entering through the nose. With its soft delta side wings, this sleeping mask prevents it from shifting in your hands, effectively dispersing pressure on your eyes and head so that you won’t feel any pressure on your eyes while wearing it. A portable carrying bag and an adjustable elastic strap that fits heads from 19 to 28 inches round out this stylish mask.

  • The price is worth its value 
  • The mask blocks out light perfectly 
  • The mask is super soft and comfortable 

  • One customer reports that the mask slowly dries your skin

In Conclusion 

We hope you found the best sleep mask that best suits your needs. From sleeping to daytime naps to mindful meditation, sleep masks are your best friend. The best part about them is that there are plenty to choose from that vary from different styles and features. You just have to make sure that your skin will be able to handle its fabrics. 

Other Products You May Need

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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Cory Maki is a former Staff Editor and the Business Development Manager at Grit Daily.

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