Slash Provides an Update on a New Guns N’ Roses Album

Published on January 23, 2020

Guns N’ Roses recent reunion tour was called the Not in This Lifetime Tour for a reason. For years and years, Slash and Axl Rose didn’t even communicate. Creative and personal differences led to one of the most memorable breakups in rock & roll history, so of course, their shows over the last few years have led to massive sold-out stadiums.

The concerts have been three-four hours of new and mostly old Guns material. With the exception of drummer Steven Adler and side guitarist Izzy Stradlin, half of the band reunited for these new shows, but what about a new album? Bandmates have said it’s inevitable, including Slash, who’s provided a recent update. 

Slash’s Recent Comments

The studio is where differences and clashes between Axl and the rest of the band occurred. Following Appetite for Destruction, Slash and Axl were especially on different pages about the band and its sound. Those two touring together again was a major step, but making another album? That’s more than a step. 

Surprisingly, they are making new music together again or, in Slash’s words, “stuff is happening.” Obviously, another record from them would be an event album if done well, but the tophat-wearing guitarist and Velvet Revolver founder says they’re not sure how’d they released an album in today’s music world (Source:

“There’s been no definitive answer on anything, and I’ll just keep to that. Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics. More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now. It’s just like, how do you want to do this? I mean, there’s material and there’s recording and there’s shit going on, but we’re not really sure what we’re doing with it right now.”

Late last year, Slash confirmed more music was coming from the band, but he compared the music industry to the “wild west” now, in which there’s no concrete formula to release an album. 

Axl Rose is Working on It

Axl Rose is famously a bit of a recluse. He’s not a singer on late-night talk shows or out in the world promoting himself. He doesn’t have to, so why bother? Personally, Rose hasn’t had much to say about new material, but bassist Duff McKagan confirmed the singer is working on new material for the band. McKagan called what he’s heard “magnificent.” These days, Rose’s voice does indeed sound magnificent. Different from his early days, yes, but just as epic and unique. 

The Last Guns N’ Roses Album 

We all remember “Chinese Democracy,” the very divisive and famously delayed addition to Guns N’ Roses’ body-of-work. Rose, a true perfectionist, spent years and years tweaking the album. The stories that came out of the behind-the-scenes were wild, but at the end of the day, the album turned out well. It was all Axl and, of course, Slash-less. “Chinese Democracy” wasn’t a return to the glory days of the band’s name, but it was by far Rose’s most satisfying output since the “Use Your Illusion Days.” The story about the album was more entertaining than the album itself, but still, some of those songs play very well during the “Not in This Lifetime Tour.”

Not in This Lifetime Tour

Speaking of the now four-year-long tour, it hasn’t stopped making bank or pleasing fans. With over 149 shows to date, the tour has made $563.3 million worldwide. It’s an epic reunion concert worth the expensive price of admission. Rose and his band mates give their fans their money’s worth, both with what fans want and maybe what they don’t always expect. Rose singing “Black Hole Sun,” for example, is quite a moment. It’s an exceptional cover that doesn’t lose the power of the original Soundgarden song. 

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