Slack Pairs Up With Teams To Integrate Calling Feature.

Published on March 28, 2020

Slack is in the process of integrating Microsoft Teams calling options as part of its group chat app. The merge between the tech companies would allow users to call each other. This will connect the gaps between the communications apps. According to The Verge, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield said “we’re working on Teams integrations for calling feature.”

In other words, it is definitely happening. Even though Slack has yet to explain how the feature will work, the company used last year to make its apps easier to use with Microsoft’s Office 365 apps, such as Outlook and OneDrive. Slack designed these apps with the help of Microsoft’s APIs, while practicing social distancing with each other.

Slack And Teams: Why Now?

According to CNBC, this decision is due to the realization that people already use other services for certain features that are found in Slack. In regards of competition, Microsoft just announced that Teams had 44 million “daily active users.” Slack, on the other hand, has not announced their score since October, when the company said they had 12 million users. But most importantly, the reason as to why this may come in handy now is because of COVID 19.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are coveted as they provided a substitute for in-person meetings after the government asked non-essential office employees to work from home as part of the plan that is meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Yahoo Finance also states that Teams was released two years after Slack did in 2016. However, it has become more successful than Slack among daily active users, mainly because of its popularity with big corporations.

Business Is Booming.

As of now Slack is seeing success. Butterfield twitted some positive data saying:

“For us as a company, however, the shift is dramatic. In each of Q3 and Q4, we added around 5,000 net new paid customers. By last Tuesday, halfway through Q1, we had added 7,000. Yesterday, a week later, we crossed the 9,000 mark.”

Even The Street seems to corroborate this. The publication states that he has gone on to say that:

“Enterprise deals are getting done. More new teams are signing up. More upgrading to paid plans.”

“People are spending more time in Slack. Average messages sent per day per user is up 20%.”

Last time, Slack shares costed $27.81, off 2.4%. The stock just added 10% last Thursday.

Where Is The Competition?

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are each other’s competitors. Each offers their own set of services and perks. ItProToday explains the perks of each. While Microsoft Teams offers support for low-bandwidth connections, Slack allows their users to move across channels and search across an organization’s virtual work space. Microsoft has a “push-to-talk experience” in Teams that allows communication over the cloud, turning devices into walkie talkies. But Slack provides the consumer with the ability to look for conversations, files, and other apps at the top of the app’s sidebar. Despite their differences, Slack’s success is still skyrocketing as the demand for working-from-home systems increases.

Slack Ain’t Slacking.  

As it keeps its competition with Microsoft and its silence regarding the new calling crossover feature, Slack keeps evolving. According to ComputerWorld, Slack is also planning on targeting non-tech people for the sake of creating “newbie-friendly features.” One of the changes the app has made into becoming less intimidating is through a “compose” button. It lets users start a message before deciding where to send it to. The draft message is instantly saved if left unfinished.

Truth be told, Slack can be intimidating. Through this change, however, the app becomes less intimidating and doesn’t cause the consumer to become overwhelmed with the options they offer. In conclusion, despite not being certain when Slack and Teams’ new feature is coming out, we can be certain that Slack isn’t going anywhere.

Argenis Ovalles is an Editorial Intern at Grit Daily. He currently writes at Vocal Media and Theater Pizzazz.

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