Skills You Should Master Before Your MBA Program

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 29, 2022

You are young and eager to excel in your business career, so you have decided to enroll in an MBA degree program online. Congratulations! This is a powerful choice that will increase your knowledge, skill and earning potential now and into the future.

However, before your program begins, you should be certain that you are well positioned to make the most of the information and opportunities afforded you during your pursuit of this useful degree. Here are a few skills you might practice in the lead up to your first MBA course, so you can get the most benefit from your degree:

Time Management

Working professionals tend to appreciate the convenience of online education, which allows them to schedule their studies around their existing work and home responsibilities. However, because you are in control of when you engage with your online MBA, you must be capable of managing your time efficiently to gain the knowledge and skill you need to succeed in your program and your career.

Fortunately, you can improve your time management skill before and during your online program with the following tips and tricks:

  • Plan for studying. You should make watching lectures and completing assignments a consistent fixture in your weekly schedule, so coworkers and friends know that you will be busy with school.
  • Never multitask. Attempts to multitask always result in worse outcomes for every task involved. You should focus on studying when you are studying and leave other responsibilities for another time.
  • Eliminate distractions. You should study in a place where you are unlikely to be distracted by media, family members and other diversions, so you can use your study time most efficiently.

Tech Competency

It should go without saying that online MBA programs involve the internet, which means you will need to be able to use connected devices confidently and competently. Before your classes begin, you should spend plenty of time on the device you will use to complete your coursework, so you gain familiarity with managing settings and navigating program menus. You might also spend time exploring the elearning platform on which your MBA will be hosted, so you know where to find lectures, where to submit assignments, how to contact your professor and fellow students and more. Most young people innately have enough tech savvy to succeed in an online course thanks to growing up in a tech-filled world, but it does not hurt to shore up your tech skill before you will be relying heavily on it as you pursue an MBA.


Communication is easily among the most important skills for any person in any walk of life. In an MBA program, clear and effective communication will improve your experience in dozens of ways, to include:

  • Increasing your comprehension of information in lectures and requirements for course assignments.
  • Discussing course topics with fellow students and professors to gain meaningful insights to apply to your professional career.
  • Providing your professors with useful feedback to improve lectures and gain access to clarity on important course topics.
  • Helping you connect with fellow students, to build a community of learners who can help each other understand the course information and eventually excel in the professional space.

Though you might already think of yourself as a “good communicator” or a “bad communicator,” the truth is that you should continuously work to improve your communication skills. You can practice communication in both personal and professional spaces by actively listening to conversation partners and reviewing your message before you write or speak. Over time, you will become better at clarifying your messages and understanding others, easing communication.


In an MBA program, you should gain invaluable knowledge and skill about business operations and strategy — but that is not the only valuable benefit to pursuing an MBA. MBA programs tend to be filled with ambitious young professionals just like yourself, who are likely to reach influential positions in important organizations thanks to their new, high-powered credentials. Forming relationships with these individuals could improve your career opportunities in the future, as career success is as much whom you know as what you know. Effective networking can be as simple as exchanging contact information with fellow students and keeping in touch after you complete your program. You might also try to network with professors and any visiting professionals. As long as you regularly reach out to refresh your relationship, you should form a lasting bond that could be exceedingly beneficial down your career path.

It never hurts to prepare for an important step in your career. Because an MBA program can have such a positive impact on your career prospects, you should shore up your skills to make the most of your online education.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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