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Singular offers free tools and training for small business marketers impacted by the pandemic

As the global Covid-19 pandemic continues, small businesses, in particular, are feeling the effects of the major shifts caused by quarantine, isolation, and stay-in-place orders.

Some verticals, such as eCommerce, social media, news, and gaming are way up, along with products and services that cater to remote working and home-based audiences. Other categories, such as travel, are suffering.

As a result, marketers are constantly adapting to these changes in consumer behavior, while facing pressure to prove return on investment.

Today, Singular has announced it is offering free 180-day access to its growth marketing platform, a solution that is being used by Doordash, Rovio, Stitch Fix, and Twitter, to name a few.

“Any SMB with under $3 million in annual ad spend qualifies for the full 180 days of using Singular for free,” says Singular CEO Gadi Eliashiv. “We wanted to ensure as many as possible could fit in.”

In addition, Singular will provide advanced training from global experts on the growth and management challenges small businesses currently face. It will provide courses in customizing marketing metrics to meet business needs, measuring marketing performance and allocating ad spend, reacting real-time to performance shifts, and more.

Singular follows in the footsteps of a number of sales and marketing tool providers that have offered support for small businesses in this challenging time. Hubspot reduced its pricing, Salesforce became free for health verticals, Adobe extended free trials for government, and Hootsuite offered free access for small biz and nonprofits.

In a recent survey of 250 marketers, Singular found that 73 percent are increasing their marketing at this time, which makes a great deal of sense. Internet usage is at an all-time high, so now is the time to ensure your business is getting in front of potential customers.

Singular believes its offer suits small to medium-sized businesses well, claiming that the platform is easy to implement and use, which is an important consideration for any startup or organization right now.

“SMBs get Singular’s self-serve platform,” says Eliashiv. “It’s extremely user-friendly and easy to onboard, without quite as many details to set up as our typical enterprise account.

Qualifying businesses can get started with Singular for 180 days free from today via the company’s website.